Monday 9 June 2014

Belo and me lunch bag #Reveiw

Finding a lunch bag for work when your an adult is tough - trust me I had been looking around for a while for something that was going to be hard wearing, so it lasts and big enough so I can fit a whole days worth of food in it, my shifts are over eleven hours so I need to make sure I have plenty of fuel throughout my shift.

This is where Belo and me Lunch bags come in they are big enough to fit all the food in that you need but a perfect hand size so you don't feel as though you have loads of extra weight to carry.

lunch bags for grown ups

The bags are Eco friendly being Tote and there are loads of lovely designs to choose from on there website, in fact their are so many lovely designs it took me ages to decide which one I would love to review, they are all very pretty and are perfect for adults however they would also designs and styles to suit teenagers and children alike.

As you all know I started my job a few weeks ago and this is what I have been taking with me to get me through the day -

lunch bags for grown ups

  • Weetabix
  • sandwiches with a bar of something (chocolate or ceareal)
  • a bananna 
  • a yoghurt 
  • and a batchelers type pot noodle snack for tea
As you can see the bags are a good size and to be honest most people wouldn't be taking that much food with them to work - these are definitely deceiving as to how much you can fit in them as they look quite small, but I will never go hungry whilst I have this lovely bag from Belo and Me.

Over all I really love these cute little bags they are practical, hard wearing and are made to last, I also love all the cute little designs and the prices are really affordable this little bag comes in at just £3.90 which is an absolute steal!

To find out more about Belo and Me you can visit there website  you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook



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