Friday 15 August 2014

Chuggington StackTrack #Review

Chuggington is a children's British animated show aired daily on Cbeebies, you can join Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot, Toot and Piper, as they learn to ride the rails, learn valuable lessons about friendship and working together. The trains are set in the fictional town of Chuggington where they are given individual tasks to complete, if they successfully complete their mission they are rewarded with a badge. 

At Christmas Liam received a Chuggington stack and track expansion pack, for those of you that don't know what the expansion pack it, its the track that is expanded onto the main play sets but the expansion pack alone cant really be played with without any trains which at that point Liam had none so at Easter he decided with his money he would buy one of the main playsets and some trains.

children's and kids train track CBBC Chuggington toy

When we were asked to review some more of the Chuggington range of toys you can imagine we were delighted and excited to do so, as the pack would just add to the ever growing collection Liam already has. We received the Chuggington Stacktrack play set an extension pack and two trains too play with.

The Stacktrack comes with well put together instructions detailing exactly how to put the track together and which bits go where - but to be honest you really don't need them as this toy is all about using your imagination and creating the tracks as you want them you can make it so you have one huge track that runs along the floor or you can buy more of the tracks and build them upwards in height there is no limits to this track except of course the size of your room or the ceiling!

children's and kids train track CBBC Chuggington toy

The track all fits together really easily and once put together seems to be very sturdy the sets are aimed at children 3+ however even Adam who is two found it very easy to put the track together and really enjoyed the set - the boys also loved the added extras such as the traffic lights change colour when the train goes through them and at each side of the bridge/tunnel there is a barrier that you can leave down to stop the trains or lift up to watch them speed down the little hill.

The trains really resemble the characters almost exactly as you see them on the television series, they are very light weight, bright in colour and are very well made so they are not going to be broken easily the only part that I would say is a bit flimsy would be the plastic part on the back that you use to attach them to the other trains - if you have a child that tends to put things in there mouth still like Liam does these can be easily chewed and misshaped.

children's and kids train track CBBC Chuggington toy

Other wise this set, in fact the whole selection of toys from this Chuggington range I love and the boys love they don't seem to get bored, if the track does start to get boring we simply take it apart and build it up a different way and in a different shape - A great toy with hours of fun to be had!


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