Saturday 6 September 2014

Potty training day 3

Today we needed to go out, another challenge only round to the shop for milk sounds easy doesn't it but its still going to be a nerve wrecking journey even if that is just me..... I decided I would put the potty in a carry bag just to be on the safe side, after all there is always some trees we can stop beside, or behind with the potty - is that wrong I am unsure but we will do it anyway better than having a wet or soiled two year old and yet more washing.

Day 3

I got the boys up and ready to walk around to the shop, I Look at Adam I'm feeling nervous, although he is unaware of this bouncing around without a care I have popped some dry like me pads into his pants "just in case" I have his potty in a carry bag and a change of clothes in his rucksack, I actually feel like Adam is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, I ask him on the way to the shops about three times do you need the toilet, he shakes his head well in fact the last time I asked him he crossed his arms and stomped off in front, panicky mummy is annoying the tot. 
We managed to get to the shop and back without an accident without a drop in his pants, I walked through the front door I sighed a massive sigh of relief congratulating him on his achievement, he didn't seem aware of what the big deal was all about  - He went the whole rest of the day with no accident in sight, I couldn't believe how seemingly easy today had been fingers crossed it carries on. 


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