Friday 5 September 2014

Potty training diary Day 2

Pants are key if you can get your child to pick there own pants something they love whether it be there favorite character colour or shape this way most children wont want to make a mess in them, Adam has chosen Thomas the tank engine, don't be put off by pant sizes plenty of good supermarkets and stores start in sizes from 18-24mths and once they have been washed they always shrink a bit so they do cater for little bottoms!  

Day 2

Today the weather was not so nice outside so we were mainly in the house, Today I introduced Adam to pants, wow watching him pull them down and then them back up again I was so proud, although when you watch any child trying to pull clothes on and off it really makes me tired so it must be tiring for there little minds to be processing and it really does look like hard work, every time he has been on the potty his pants are all rolled together - but he has been doing all of this by himself and with not so many prompts from mummy, with only one accident I am proud and pleasantly surprised how well he is doing!.


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