Thursday 9 October 2014

Reactions to having another child of the same gender #Pregnancy

having another child of the same gender? peoples reactions

Alright so when I found out I was having another baby boy, I am not going to lie I was slightly disappointed, I had always hoped for a princess to buy for dresses and dolls and pink things. I had also dream't of meeting her for lunch and going shopping in town. Even though I thought from day one and had told people I really thought the new baby would be another boy, there was still an element of disappointment, however I just wanted the baby to be healthy. Which really is the most important aspect and I am lucky enough to say he is healthy, so whatever the sex of a baby, babies, children and pregnancy in general are a blessing and I already love every inch of my unborn little boy.

Peoples reactions are quite funny when you tell them the baby is another boy, I don't actually think that people put much thought in to what they are saying! although I guess its normal, to get some funny and strange responses to having another child of the same gender, so here are some of the responses that people have said to me since telling them I am expecting another boy, not only another boy, but dare I say a third child, which seems to opens a whole other can of worms but I will be writing a separate post later in my pregnancy about having more than the average of two children!

  • Oh no not another one! (really are boys that bad)
  • Have you thought about starting a football team (what three aside, stupid thing to say!)
  • when are you going to try for another baby (err never I will never have another!)
  • I have to say I am really disappointed (why why why!)
  • how many do you have now............... err that will be three whats the big deal?
  • You do know it takes a real man to produce a daughter......................OK apparently this is an old wives tale still we all know biologically that's not how things work.
  • Congratulations............ (except this is false and they are trying to hide there disappointment)
  • have you thought of getting a TV? .....oh what a great idea this has never crossed my mind!
  • When I found out I was having another boy I felt like I was grieving - I guess in some cases this is true however you have another 20 weeks to get over this feeling!
  • awww, are you really sad?..... well actually no I am just glad to be having a healthy baby!
What do you think about peoples reactions to my news? I am absolutely sure I am not the first mum to get this sort of reaction. I would love to hear what reactions you have had to your pregnancy!?



  1. I am currently expecting my third, I have yet to find out the gender and have 2 girls already, my husband would love a boy but I really don't mind. Some of these reactions would really bug me!

  2. we went for a private gender scan with my 2nd pregnancy and found out we were having a girl (1st born is a boy). once we left my other half said "are you happy now?" er yes, but i still would have been happy with a 2nd boy!


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