Wednesday 8 October 2014

Pregnancy week 22, Its a boy!!

Last week we had our our abdomaly scan, although a lot of parents think that this scan is to determine the babies gender which of course you can at this stage but its your decision whether to find out the sex of the baby or to have a surprise, as much as I love surprises I have found out with all my pregnancies what the sex of the baby has been, just for planning and I personally couldn't wait.

However as I said above this scan isn't to find out the gender, its mainly to measure all of babies vitals/major organs for example the brain, heart, skin, spine check that baby isn't going to have a cleft pallet the scan takes around twenty minutes to half an hour - or should do as long as baby is in the right position.

I had my scan and baby, really did not want to play ball at all, every time the sonographer tried to measure anything the baby moved or turned the wrong way or was hiding so after about twenty minutes of being poked and prodded, she sent me off to go for a walk a fizzy drink to see if baby would move positions. When I went back baby had moved positions but into a worse position and baby also it had its legs crossed, I was told I would have to come back in a few days time - naturally this worried me I have never known it although the lady did reassure me this happens quite often and there was nothing to worry about, of course I still did worry I didn't sleep very much over the next few nights.

After the few days had passed I trundled off for the second of my two twenty week scans hoping and preying everything was going to be alright, it seemed like a lifetime until they called my name, going in I watched the screen closely as this time baby was in a better position, the lady who was performing the scan remained somewhat silent throughout whilst she measured each little bit of baby, she then stopped to ask me if I wanted to know the sex of the little one, I nodded she said its a boy she showed me what was supposedly his boy bits although it wasn't obvious baby was a boy well not to me anyway, but it is another little boy.

22 weeks pregnant, gender announcement

The scan seemed to be over pretty quickly after that with the relief that everything is where it should be and baby is alright thank goodness!

This week is baby should be around 11 inches weighing around a pound in weight although all baby's grow differently, baby will have eyelids and eyebrows although still lacks the pigment that makes up the colour of the iris.

I have started feeling baby move more and can even feel him sometimes with my hand on my tummy he mainly like to wriggle and move about at night time when mummy is trying to relax - typical get two boys to bed and the other starts moving, I do love it and its a reassurance that he is alright.

22 weeks pregnant, gender announcement

When did you start to feel your baby first move and how did it make you feel? I would love to hear your thoughts! 



  1. Aww! Congratulations!
    Glad to hear everything is well x

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