Tuesday 7 October 2014

Dear Mums in the play ground a simple Hi will do

Dear mums,

Dear mums, in the play ground, my son has problems, although it is no excuse, I am sorry if he has hit, bitten, punched, smacked or has hurt your child in anyway, it is really difficult I know to want to talk to another mum, who is seen to be the parent with the horrible child, with the child who turns up in the mornings kicking and screaming, the one that holds up the class at the end of the day.

parents should support each other

I am just a normal mum like you, I don't spoil my boys I don't let them do whatever they please and turn a blind eye, yes I am a single mum, yes I do the majority of the parenting on my own, but this doesn't make our family, any less of a family than your two point four children, apart from that I put in more work, I have to be mum and dad rolled into one and the last thing I would want my children to feel, is let down by me.

Putting there feelings aside for one moment, and taking a mums approach to thinking about me (for once). Do you know how hard it is to see all of you mums gathered in the playground chirping happily about how your children are doing, what your having for tea, what your doing or have done at the weekend, however meaningless or forgetful the conversation do you know how lonely it is standing waiting for your child to come out of school on your own, feeling like you shouldn't be there, anxiously awaiting the tuts and whispers as my child appears at the gate or door on the way out.

I just want an acceptance a simple hi would be a start, maybe even a warm hello in the mornings would make me feel like I exist, I am invisible until my son appears and then there are no words there all sighs and tuts, perhaps I should hold my head up and walk around like I don't care, but I do. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe its not my son who makes you edge away from me, and makes you ignore me, maybe my face doesn't fit OK so I am spotty - cant help that hormonal changes has always made me that way but I am not completely leopard like and yes I am slightly overweight but I am pregnant - which you would think would strike a conversation somewhere along the way, but I am still waiting.

So dear mums in the playground when you see that mum with the naughty child, with a face that perhaps doesn't fit, don't avoid them however difficult it may be, a simple hi can change a persons day, you never know that person you are avoiding might become a friend or might not but isolation and loneliness around a place that is supposed to be the happiest years of children's lives could be made different by you, all I am asking is that you take a look around that playground and change a persons day. That simple Hi can make the difference between a flood of tears or feeling like you are not alone.



  1. Oh hun I know that feeling well. Sending you a massive hug. You know I understand. Xxxx

  2. What a brave and amazing post to write my lovely. I bet there are so many other mothers out there on various school grounds who feel the same. I am so nervous how it will be when Buba starts next September. I am so worried about picking the right school for him I never stopped to think it's dealing with all the clicky groupy moms like high school again. I say hi to everyone and if I walked by you I would say hello too! I think everyone should be more smiley and say hello to everyone. It's the polite thing to do. It can change a persons' whole day. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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