Monday 8 September 2014

Potty training Day 4

Day 4, of potty training and again Adam has surprised me he got up today and took his nappy off himself, when I examined the lump on the floor it was practically dry he insisted on the potty - he wants to be a big boy like his brother - of course mummy proud I concluded to praise him over and over again giving him lots of kisses and cuddles in which he says yuck! So a great start to today great progress I am really proud of how Adam is getting on the only trouble I am having with him is he is pooing in his nappy once I have put it on at night time and then shouting down to me what he has done although maybe he just poos at that time or maybe he doesn't want to do it in the potty, I guess over the next few days I will find out I might try keeping him up longer just to see he is not just avoiding the potty on purpose. 
Today though all round has been a good day no accidents and he has been going on the potty with out being prompted!   


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