Tuesday 28 July 2015

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Elf Tree Playset #Review

Ben & Holly's little kingdom toy set

Ben & Holly's Kingdom, has been quite Popular in our house for some time so when we were asked to review the new set from there toy range the boys - well Adam in particular wanted to, they have not had any toys in this character range before.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom toy set

The Elf tree set, has a lot on interactive parts such as doors that open a woodpecker that moves back and forward and also a rotating toy duck machine , you can also remove the bed and the desk. The set comes with a character figure as well.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom toy set

The Elf Tree Playset has three floors to it, at the top is where the woodpecker has pecked its whole, for any child that has seen the episodes they will know the elves don't like Woodpeckers! this is also where Ben's bedroom is! The middle floor is where the desk is placed and there is also the trap door- to the toy factory.
The bottom floor has the rotating toy duck machine where all the magical toy making takes place.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom toy set

The Elf Tree Play set encourages children to use there imaginations and rein-act the scenes from the actual program, The Elf Tree PlaySet is aimed at 3+ but older children will play with it as well, Liam doesn't Like Ben and Holly, but happily played with the set with Adam for quite a long time so regardless of if your child is a fan of Ben & Holly most children will enjoy the toy.

The set is Priced at an RRP £29.99 which I thought was a little expensive, but as with all character themed toys you always pay extra for the name. I did ask Adam if he liked the set and "Ben Elf"  And he sharply informed me, that was not Ben elf it was Barnaby. Its a bit disappointing that the set at its price doesn't come with the key characters Ben or Holly - however the boys enjoyed the set all the same and it wasn't long before they had added in cars and other characters to play with along side it. You can collect lots of other play sets in the range and they all connect together the other sets do have all the other characters such as Ben Elf, Princess Holly, Nanny Plum and the Wise old Elf. which will be going on Adams list for Christmas!

Overall the boys really enjoyed the Play set and we will be adding to this range of character toys.

 disclosure - We were sent the fabulous Ben & Holly's Elf Tree set, for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own


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  1. Aww! What a cute little set! My girls used to love Ben & Holly x


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