Monday, 3 August 2015

ComoTomo baby bottle #Review

silicone Baby bottles from Como Tomo

If you haven't heard of ComoTomo they are an American baby brand that are just launching here in the UK. Now available in the UK are their baby bottles and teething range. In the states sales have soared for them as company selling the unique baby bottle that mimics breast feeding like no other. American parents swear by the bottle and they are now available to buy here in Britain.

The Comotomo bottle, has been designed to provide the closest thing to breastfeeding in a bottle. The teat of the bottle is a 3-inch wide mould naturally shaped for an easy to latch on approach it also helps to prevent "nipple confusion" when switching between the breast and bottle.

silicone Baby bottles from Como Tomo

The bottle has a very unique feature it is made from medical-grade silicone which is soft and is squeezy, it is smooth to touch a bit like soft skin its 100% hygienic.

The bottle also has two anti-colic vents to completely eliminate unnecessary air intake, giving peace of mind for feeding times.

I tried out this bottle with Jack, we have always used the same brand so in was interesting to see how different this would be. The first thing i noticed before getting it out of the box is that it was heavier than Jacks usual bottles. The bottom silicone bit of the bottle is really squishy and soft I filled the bottle with boiling water and Jack's milk powder, I was a bit frightened when I was putting the lid on as the bottle hasn't got a top rim on and it could be easy to spill whilst screwing on the teat.

Once the lid was on, I shuck the bottle to mix the milk in, i noticed the bottle did not drip at all, I also noticed that the silicon doesn't get as hot as a plastic bottle does when you put hot water in it, which is good that you can actually hold it whilst it is hot and not be burning your hand on it!

I did wonder how Jack would get on with the bottle as he has had the same ones since he was born, I didn't know if he would like it or cry, but when I gave it to Jack he took to the bottle straight the way the milk seemed to flow easily and with some of the other bottles I have used in the past from experience, with a lot of them with soft teats, the teats suck inwards but on this bottle it didn't at all.

silicone Baby bottles from Como Tomo

Jack is also usually a bit sicky with his regular bottles when he is being fed but with this one he wasn't at all. He seemed to enjoy it and because the bottle is thicker and more round that his usual bottles he even had a little try at holding it himself for a while, which I thought was really good.

The baby approved ComoTomo bottle range is dishwasher, microwave, boiling water and steriliser safe the bottles are priced at £14.99 from Amazon which is slightly above your average range already available on the shelves - but I actually loved the bottle and I think it is worth the money the only thing I would change would be that I would make the bottom part of the bottle slightly longer but apart from that an all round great product myself and Jack both loved.

Disclaimer - We were sent two ComoTomo baby bottles for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.



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