Tuesday 21 July 2015

Cheer up a friend send a gift through text, with Parcelgenie

How nice is it to spread happiness in peoples lives? How nice is it to send people a little gift to let them know how much you are missing them, thinking about them, or just want to put a smile on there face?

Well the new Parcelgenie/textgenie App lets you do just that!

send a gift by text the easy gift sending service

"Parcelgenie! The Worlds first Instant gift messaging app lets you send real, little gifts to friends and family, No address needed!"

Parcelgenie is an instant gift service that you download as an app on your phone, available on Android or IPhone, however if you don't have either you can also order online. They have a range of gifts, all really reasonably priced. They start at £1.99 & go up to around £8.00, There are ten gifts to choose from including a good luck charm, some pretty ladybird lovebugs and their eat your blues away (a blue sweet selection). The gifts are mainly food / sweet based, It will be interesting to see if they will add a wider selection to suit more people, but for now I think they’ve a really nice little range to start off with. Plus you can also add a personalised note card!

send a gift by text the easy gift sending service

Once You have chosen the gift you want to send the app automatically connects to your contacts in your phone, so you simply connect and choose who to send it to. You don't need the person's address as once you've arranged for it to be sent, the Parcelgenie texting app sends a text to the recipient saying you have sent them a gift & asks them for their address details. Then you get a message saying it has been dispatched. Simple as that.

When Parcelgenie contacted me to ask me to try out their new service, I bought my mum, the horse shoe good luck charm, as she hasn't been very lucky lately so fingers crossed it brings her more luck, the charm came all wrapped up in a cute little box and came the very next day after ordering. which is a great service.

send a gift by text the easy gift sending service

I also bought a few other gifts for friends as the gifts are all lovely little things and I wanted to see what they thought, they all loved there little gifts the only negative to the service is that when they received the text all but one of my friends sent me a message asking if the gift was from me or if it was a spam message.

With the app payment is really simple, you can pay by card or by Paypal, the app links straight to your Paypal making payment quick easy and simple!

Other little gems to the app include a shake the parcel game - this gives you one shake a day to receive a gift or discount code, there is also an electronic reward card for each gift you send you get a stamp once you have six stamps Parcelgenie sends you a surprise little gift to say thank you which i think is a lovely idea!

Not only that all first time users get 50% discount off there first text order!

Go check out their range of gifts for your favourite people and let me know what you think. I really love this idea and love the gifts I will definitely be continuing to use the app.

You can find out more by visiting them here at Parcelgenie or Txtgenie  or by following them on Twitter .

Disclosure, I was sent two gift codes to review the above app, all opinions remain honest and my own.



  1. Omg I'm loving this! I'm getting gift happy lol building up the loyalty card pretty quickly 🙈 thankyou for sharing Helen x

  2. I've never heard of this but I love the idea and paying by paypal too (always a good but bad thing for me it's sooooo easy!) #triedandtested

    1. I know you can spend so much from home when you have paypal its lethal!

  3. I've not seen this before, looks so easy to use and handy x

  4. This is such a fab idea! I have not heard of it before, perfect for cheering a friend up :)
    Becky xx

  5. What a nifty idea. It's not something I have heard of before.


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