Monday 20 July 2015

Things to do in the holidays without spending a lot of money (and keep the kids entertained)

The summer holidays can be a horrible time, yes its lovely that you haven't got to do the school run or get up so early in the morning, but after the first weeks holiday the novelty of lie ins will of worn off the children are starting to get fed up, bored so what do they do? -fight, argue, usually just be naughty leaving the house and garden a mess, and leaving you as a parent pulling your hair out, it is especially difficult if money is tight, and money just doesn't stretch to a holiday or extravagant days out, but the break isn't about seeing how much money you can spend, its about spending quality time together as a family and about making memories that the children will remember when they get older.  I have put some ideas together that you can enjoy as a family without spending any money or very little at all.

top tips of things to do in the holidays with kids and children

  • Walk - It doesn't matter where too, walking is healthy it gets the children out for a few ours even if it just around where you live, you may discover hidden gems, get the children to point out what they can see its surprising what catches the eye when you start to look around.
  • Spot the object - write a list of objects, such as a red flower, a tree, anything that you might see when you are out and about get the children to carry the list and a pencil and tick them off when they have spotted them, it will keep them entertained for quite a while and they love it!
  • Build a den - children love this, just use some chairs, throw some sheets over the top of them and throw in some cushions its great fun!
  • Go on a bike ride - what a better way to get out out as a family than to go on a bike ride its a great way of family bonding.
  • Have a picnic - Just use an old sheet and serve picky bits or even a dinner children love doing things different to normal, don't worry if its raining inside just have it on the floor in the living room.
  • Make a boat - why not get the children to make a boat out of old rubbish and take it down the local river, and see if it floats or sinks.
  • Play in the rain, kids love water, throughout the summer its not usually too cold why not let them out play out and jump in the puddles - join them its great fun!
  • Feed the ducks, take the kids to the local lake/river even if there are not any ducks you could always feed the birds kids love to be involved with nature and animals.
  • Search out local wildlife, you don't have to go far to find wild life you could just go into the back or front garden, see what creepy crawlers you can find hidden or spot flying around.
  • Go Camping, I don't mean travelling for hours, why not just just set up a tent in the back garden the kids love an adventure!
  • Have a game afternoon, if the weather turns sour have a family game afternoon ts great for bonding!
  • Crafting, get creative, materials don't have to be expensive you can use anything that's lying around the house, remember google is your friend, you will find hundreds of ideas and tips online. 
  • Check with your local council website or office, during the holidays usually the council will put on a list of activity's that are on in your area, often the local library will have play groups for all ages and different things some will even have a breakfast club, also a lot of the museums will have theme days and activity days usually costing very little or nothing.

If you look around their are plenty of things you can do and enjoy as a family and that will also keep the children entertained without breaking the bank remember the holidays are about having fun.



  1. Great ideas! I'm all for spending hardly any money....

    1. It always helps when you are not breaking the bank doesn't it!

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