Saturday 11 July 2015

#Review Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicle set

This week we were sent a lovely three piece set of Diecast vehicles from the fireman Sam range, both Liam and Adam have been huge fans of fireman Sam for a long time, they sing along to the theme tune, they often rein-act scenes from the TV program usually ending up in one of them pretending to be naughty Norman and doing something naughty.

fireman Sam toy vehicles

When the set arrived I knew it would be very popular and they haven't quite got the hang of sharing with each other so luckily there are three vehicles included in the set and both Liam and Adam choose there favorite each and have put the other one to one side for when Jack gets older, but not before having a play with all three first.

fireman Sam toy vehicles

As you can see from the box above you get three vehicles, Jupiter the fire engine which is a hot favorite in my house! then there is Venus usually driven by penny the boys like this one because in the series it carries rescue equipment, and last but not least there is Neptune the rescue boat.

This is a fantastic set, great to keep you little ones, aged three plus, entertained for hours using there imaginations to re-create the rescue scenes from Fireman Sam. this little set gets a big thumbs up from my boys, they absolutely loved them and they haven't put them down since I gave them the Fireman Sam Vehicles!

fireman Sam toy vehicles

These products were sent to me for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own          


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