Monday 17 August 2015

Babies first toys from VTech

I love VTech, toys my boys had a lot of toys by VTech whilst they were little and still have a few bits now In my experience V-tech toys as a whole have been educational, reliable, well played with durable and as a whole all round great toys.
Now Jack is coming to six months old and is starting to play, it seems only natural to go with brands we know we trust and what is more that he as a baby is going to learn the most from and V-tech fits just that.

All three of my boys have had as one of these as there first toys the VTech Moosical Cow, I must admit its one of my favourites priced at between £10-14 dependent where you purchase one from you cant go wrong with this singing little wonder.

babies first toys ideas

This is a fantastic interactive toy. The cow is around seven inches tall a great size for little hands Jack loves it. It has 2 flashing buttons which can be pressed - a red circle which displays the first letters of the alphabet A,B,C and a Green triangle which displays numbers 1,2,3. There is also a spinning blue square in the centre. The on/off button is located on the cows chest in the shape of a heart. The toy plays 7 melodies;

  • The Alphabet Song
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • Pop goes the weasel
  • The farmer and the dell
  • Old MacDonald had a farm
  • Row, Row, Row you boat

The Moosical cow has has 4 phrases,

  • I am a cow, come play with me
  • Learning colours and shapes, Yippee
  • ABC and 123
  • We'll have so much fun, you'll see

The toy is designed to develop motor skills. The cow is soft, very squeezy and loves hugs, it can be carried easily by the plastic ring which holds 2 textured stars. The only down side to the moosical cow is that there is a automatic shut off if the toy is not touched or played with after forty five seconds. I think this is a little too short and find myself  having to turn it back on for Jack, Otherwise this is a great little starter toy for babies.

babies first toys ideas

Other toys available from VTech for children 6+ months are,

Tiny touch tablet – This cute little tablet is perfect for those aged 6-36 months and features nine light up activity buttons for lots of fun learning. Children can learn their a-b-c’s and 1-2-3’s through sing-along songs and take virtual pictures. RRP £14.

babies first toys ideas

Musical rhymes book – With six interactive pages featuring classic nursery rhymes and two fun modes of play this musical rhymes book will keep little ones engaged for hours on end. RRP £14.99.

babies first toys ideas

My 1st Car key Rattle - An adorable car shaped rattle which also comes in pink for baby Charlotte's everywhere, it plays eleven melodies and three sing-along songs. With a flashing light-up window and realistic horn button babies are introduced to car concepts, colours, music and sensory and tactile stimulation. RRP £10.99

babies first toys ideas

You can find out more information about VTech and there products at you can also chat with them if you have any questions online on there Twitter page or over on there Facebook page

What is your little ones favourite VTech toy I would love to know!?


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