Tuesday 18 August 2015

Jack at six months old

This post is a little bit late, but this month Jack hit his six month milestone and he is livelier than ever even after his little blip and the meningitis scare he gave us, he has started to grab - well try and swipe things out of your hands if your not quick enough to move them and like most babies seems to have a love for the television remote or my mobile phone.

He is not only roiling over from to back he is managing to get half way across the living room by rolling and shuffling - I think this month I am going to be investing in a play pen as the boys seem to leave all there lego and cars all over the floor, Jack thinks its great - i am constantly picking things up and moving them so he doesn't eat anything he isn't suppose to!

Jack is now well on the weaning path as you can see by my previous weaning posts and so far not a complaint about anything, he seems to like everything he is given in fact he is screaming and reaching out when I am having my dinner.

He is also not sleeping so much in the day time now I think he thinks he is going to miss out o the action of what the boys are doing - he sleeps now from 19.00 till around 7am the next day and even then he doesn't moan he waits for his breakfast patiently. I think Jack is going to be a really inquisitive little boy all the while he is watching to see what everyone else is doing and if I am holding him he wants to get down and play along side the boys.

He has grown another size in clothes and has now gone into 12-18 months he is a bit chubby but he is so tall I cant keep up with his sizes, also he hair is starting to change colour and the bits he has rubbed off has gone blonde well white blonde, I think at the rate his hair is growing he isn't going to make it to his first birthday without a haircut!


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