Thursday 6 August 2015

#Weaning week Hipp Organic #Review

Hipp baby food - tasty choices for your little one

As part of my Weaning week feature we were sent a fantastic bundle of baby foods from Hipp Organic. Hipp Organic have been a big part of our lives since I was pregnant with Liam at which time I joined up to their baby parenting club where they have some top tips and good advice. From joining there baby club this has followed on to using there products when Liam was weaning right the way through to now when its Jacks turn to start weaning. I do actually love there products there is a huge variety in choice flavours and different age ranges to suit babies.

If you don't know Hipp Organic, they're are a brand that create good, healthy, nutritious food for babies and toddlers. They pride themselves on creating meals that babies will enjoy and that will help them grow and learn to love good food.

Hipp Organic sent us an array of there lovely products, here is what they sent

  • Creamy Porridge (box)
  • Apple juice with mineral water
  • Pear banana and kiwi Pouch (Pouch)
  • peach apple and banana muesli with yogurt (Pouch)
  • Cherry apple and banana breakfast (Pouch) 
  • Mild tomato and chicken curry (pouch)
  • Vegetable and chicken risotto with peas (pouch)
  • creamy rice breakfast (jar)
  • spaghetti bolagnase (jar)
  • Pumpkin carrot and apple spaghetti (Jar)
  • Carrot salmon and dill risotto (Jar)
  • vegetable lasagne (jar)
  • Just fruit pear, banana and kiwi (flavoured yoghurt's)

Hipp baby food - tasty choices for your little one

As you can see from the list there is quite a variation in the products lots of different flavours and tastes coming in all different packaging and this isn't even half of the products they make, there is so much variety to suit all.

In the past I have always had the baby jars for the older boys, with that fact in mind and that Jack has only just started weaning, we tried out the pouches that we were sent. 
The very first thing we tried was the Cherry, apple and banana breakfast - Cherry can sometimes be a bit sour so I was a bit unsure as to how Jack would be with the flavour, I had no need to worry it was a huge hit as he enjoyed every spoonful of the pouch. I loved the ease of the pouch the food was really easy to squeeze from the packet, I like that you can screw the tops back on so you can use half the packet the next day. I must say the breakfast smelt delicious and Jack ate every last bit and was looking for more! 

Hipp baby food - tasty choices for your little one

We also have tried the, pear banana and kiwi pouch and the peach apple and banana muesli with yogurt both of which were hits for Jack he really loved them, over the next few weeks we are looking forward to trying the other products we have been sent and incorporating the jars with the lumps in - watch out for a follow on post to see how we got on with lumpy food.

Hipp Organic is a fantastic brand of baby food, there website is also a place where you can gain lots of information and view all of their products, we will definitely be continuing to stock up with Hipp Organic products we love them!      

we were sent the lovely Hipp Organic products for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.


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