Friday 7 August 2015

#Weaning Week, Food Choices

Food choices when weaning your baby can be a minefield, knowing where to start can leave you scratching your head in this post. I am going to tell you about different food options the best foods to start with, home made food and supermarket based foods.

Where to start and first foods?

 - Baby cereals and baby rice - a good place to start when giving your baby food for the first time is with these foods they are plain and just give your baby a feel for what the different texture is like.

 - Sweet vegetables - Babies naturally have a sweet tooth so give them the sweeter vegetables they will love them and they are a healthier option. vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

 - Mashed fruit - again its sweet babies love nothing more than mashed banana, cooked apples and pears or you could even try something a bit more exotic like avocado.

 - Ripe fruit - If your baby is able to pick fruit up give them some soft ripe fruit such as strawberries or melon

Don't ever add sugar or salt to your babies food.

Ready prepared baby food.

If you head towards the baby isles in the supermarket there is a mass market for ready prepared baby food and to be honest its always pretty useful to have some about it can make life easy when you are travelling about with a little one or several little ones in tow.

 - When buying any ready prepared food always check food labels if the food is not primarily made for babies it can be very high in salt and sugar, check and change to healthier versions if possible.

 - It seems obvious but check "use by" and "best before" dates.

 - check the seals on any of the packaging have not been broken.

 - choose the food that contain no added sugars or sweeteners, again you can do this by checking labels.

food choices for your little one when weaning

Foods to try.

Once your baby is established on there first foods you can start trying to introduce other food options into there diet foods such as,

 -  lentils (dhal) or pulses

 - mashed up meat, fish and chicken.

 - mashed rice, noodles or pasta.

 - full fat dairy products such as yoghurt's, fromage frias or custard.


If you cook a lot of food at home try making meals so they are universal, meaning you are not cooking separately for the family and your baby main meals can be easily adapted to suit your baby as well as the rest of the family. most of the baby websites around such as Hipp Organic, Ella's Kitchen and Cow and gate have there own recipe sections to help you along with making your own food. Also Ella's Kitchen have several recipe books available that focus on baby made meals only.

food choices for your little one when weaning



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