Wednesday 5 August 2015

#Weaning Week - How to get started?

So you have the correct equipment and your baby is showing signs that they are ready to be weaned here are my top tips on how to get started.

  • Pick a time of the day that is quiet and your baby Isn't really hungry or really tired, I choose about an hour before Jacks tea time bottle was going to be due and after he had had a nap so he is wide awake but you could try mid morning after there morning nap it would work just the same.
  • Start with something that is easy on the taste buds like baby rice as this doesn't have much taste, you can make it up with some of there normal milk it gets them ready for different textures.
  • Place a small amount onto a plastic or rubber tipped spoon only give a few spoonfuls to start off with probably no more than four then follow with your babies own milk.
  • Once they have had baby rice for a few days try, introducing a different taste give that to them for a few days, then repeat the steps with the next food until they get used to different flavours.
  • Once your baby has been having meals for around a week try introducing another meal at a different time of the day, also try mixing up flavors together.
  • Once your baby is successfully taking dinner and tea, introduce breakfast, there are lots of baby porridge's available, you could also try giving them puree fruit or a baby rusk made mushy by there milk.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself if you baby turns there nose up or spits there food out, its only natural when they are used to only having baby milk, eating food takes practice, and patience.    

Weaning - how to get started

Once you have started feeding your baby solids, like us they will need a drink to go with it the best drink you can give your baby is water, if they are under six months water will need to be boiled then cooled the same as there baby milk, it is not recommended that you give fruit juice to babies under six months. It is important to remember that all fruit juices contain natural sugar and giving them through a baby bottle will cause tooth decay, also make sure you brush there teeth mornings and evenings even if they only have one tooth and they are drinking through a beaker.

Weaning - how to get started


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