Wednesday 5 August 2015

Anabel Karma - baby #weaning products #Review

Annabel Karmel is an international best selling author on baby and children’s food and nutrition. She is the no.1 parenting author in the UK having sold over 4 million books up to now NUK has teamed up with Annabel to create a range of products designed to make life easier for parents, I have been sent three items to review from her range - the baby snack pot, the feeding cutlery set, and the feeding bowl.

The baby snack pot,

- Suitable for weaning

- Dishwasher safe

- Convenient size for at home or out and about

- Easy grip trainer handles

- Suitable for children from 36 months

The idea behind the snack pot is that it helps teach your little ones to eat on their own and is perfect for holding little snacks like raspberries and small pieces of fruit. The clip-on lid helps to keep food fresh, and the soft silicone fins mean the snacks won't fall out, whilst it's easy enough to reach in and grab snacks at any time.

I must admit Jack is to young for the snack pot but I took this out with me this week for Adam, he absolutely loves his fruit and the snack pot kept his strawberries and grapes fresh. He was also running round with the snack pot and it was great that when he did stop to eat something all the fruit had remained in the pot and he could just pop his hand in when he wanted something the pot itself is really easy to clean, lightweight, big enough to fill a small appetite but small enough to leave room in your bag for all the other things you need to carry about with you.

The Feeding bowl with lids

- Feeding bowl by Annabel Karmel, perfect for the weaning stage

- Made from BPA free plastic with vented lid for microwave use

- Features a seal-tight lid & non-slip suction base

Weaning baby equipment from Anabel Karma

The Annabel Karmel by NUK Feeding Bowl comes with a vented lid for the microwave and a seal-tight lid for when you are out and about. The bowl also has a non-slip suction base that helps avoid messy feeding times. It is also dishwasher and freezer safe and BPA free.

The bowl is a really good size I really like the different lid ideas but it could be easy to mix if you are out and about so just be careful which one you are using or you could end up with a bag full of food! The suction grip on the bottom isnt that strong however little ones grips are not either. This is the perfect bowl to carry about in the changing bag with you as its not to big and it is easy to clean if you are somewhere you can only give it a quick rinse.

Cutlery set

- Suitable for weaning

- Anti-slip handles and rounded edges for extra safety

-  Dishwasher safe

- The Feeding Spoons are suitable for children from 6 months. The mini cutlery are suitable for children from    8 months.

Weaning baby equipment from Anabel Karma

The Annabel Karmel by NUK Cutlery Set includes two feeding spoons which have especially long handles, making them ideal for tall jars, as well as a mini fork and spoon for when your little one is ready to start feeding themselves. The feeding spoon is particularly well-suited to your little one's mouth, with round edges for added safety. 

This is my favorite products out of the three I love that the two spoons have extra long handles not only for the fact they save mess when you have taller jars to get into but they also save your back when your reaching over the high chair to feed your baby, I find the grips on the cutlery make them really easy to use the set has definitely been designed with both mum and baby in mind.

All three items are very reasonable in price, they are all priced at £5.99 they are available to buy from a lot of high street stores and are also available online at Amazon and

Weaning baby equipment from Anabel Karma

 I was sent these lovely weaning products for the purpose of this review all oppinions reamain honesr and my own.


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