Tuesday 4 August 2015

#Weaning Week - What do I need? (equipment)

Following on from my last post you should now know if your baby is ready for weaning, this is the all round fun part and its a really exciting milestone and change in a babies life. Before you get started make sure you have all the right equipment, sometimes it can be over whelming seeing all the different brands on the high street and on the Internet and knowing what you actually need so here is my guide to the "Essentials" and then what is nice if you want some added extras.


  • Highchair - Your baby will need somewhere safe to sit where they are positioned upright - Don't think you need to buy the most expensive they all do the same thing and you wont be grateful of it when your baby is wiping food all over it, also if you feel when you first put them in it they are slipping and sliding down sit them on your knee or in the pushchair until they have a bit more sitting balance just always make sure they are upright.
  • Bibs - It seems an obvious choice of equipment. To save your babies clothes I have found the ones that are wipe clean are easier, make sure you always put them in one no one warns you once you get puree carrot or spaghetti on an outfit the stains are really hard to lift out.
  • Bowls - plastic bowls are the best especially if you are going to let you baby feed themselves a bit at least if they are going to drop it its not going to break, having said that also available to buy are baby bowls with a suction cup on the bottom so your not going to have that worry.
  • Weaning spoons - There are lots available to buy if you are feeding them I like the ones with the longer handles as then you save your back and don't need to lean so far over and if baby is feeding themselves, I would recommend the chunky handled spoons as they are easier for baby to grip

Weaning - equipment, What do I need?

Added Extras

  • Splash mat - if you haven't got a table or you have but you have a lovely carpet you want to protect a splash mat is great for just that.
  • Juice cup - once your baby is six months you can wean them onto a juice cup so they can have a bit with there dinner or tea not only that it will protect there teeth.
  • Freezer trays - If you want to make your own baby food these are great for storage and saving food, they don't have to be anything special you could use large ice cube trays or even the ice lolly trays.
  • Blender - if you want to make your own puree remember though you wont be needing it that long as babies from six moths will quite quickly move on to lumpy food.
  • Lidded storage containers - I love these they are so useful to have for freezing keeping fruit fresh or just for taking babies food out and about with yourself.

Remember you only need to sterilise baby equipment if you start weaning before six months. Keep following my Weaning Week feature to see some reviews of the equipment and more tips and advice on weaning.  

Weaning - equipment, What do I need?


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