Tuesday 15 September 2015

End of Summer Party with Sway Pr

As summer is drawing to a close and autumn is well on its way I was invited to attend one last party held by Sway Pr. The party was in London at the very grand theatre royal with its high ceilings and lots of character it was the perfect place for an end of season event. The event was a chance to get to meet some other bloggers and and some of the clients/brands Sway Pr are are working with and what a lovely, friendly bunch of people they were too.

I had a lovely time getting to talk to some brands about there products the first brand I met were the fabulous Mia Tui, they had brought along some lovely samples of there changing bags there were all different sizes and types for different occasions - if you haven't heard of Mia Tui let me tell you a bit more about them they were designed by a mum for mums. The bags itself was designed out of necessity as there wasn't a bag on the market at that time which had in mind a busy mums lifestyle. In 2010 the first Amelie bag was born and now there is quite a few bags in the Mia Tui range, with an eye for fashion the Mia Tui team keep the range on trend they release seasonal colour ranges and new styles for women and men. They really take pride in there products they are high quality functional bags - with something for all occasions.

In the goody bag from the sway pr event we were all lucky enough to receive the Mia Tui Lottie cross body bag, this is the smallest bag in the range, its the perfect size for essentials like your purse, mobile phone and keys - its one of those grab and go sort of bags that is ideal for school runs or popping to the shops. The bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, on the inside there is a key clip to stop you from loosing them, there is a pocket especially designed to pop your mobile phone in and also some pen pockets so that everything is well organised the interior is bright pink so everything in the bag can be seen and your not rummaging around for anything - its a really lovely high quality designed bag I would definitely recommend having a look at the Mia Tui range they are fantastic bags with mums in mind.

Alongside the Mia Tui range there was also Bohn swimwear showcasing there fab range of swimwear available for women sizes 6 to 18 these were all lovely quality, there was also the WishaGift team this is a new website aimed at saving gifts for birthdays and Christmas to reduce getting numerous or identical gifts from people that you don't actually want. There was also skin care products from Love Boo - which is a purely natural product we were very lucky to get a small sample of the super stretchy miracle oil that Say's so long to stretch marks - it smells Divine.

Another product that was show cased was the Mutimac car seat, I have never actually seen anything like this before it really is a fantastic idea it immediately caught my eye. The Mutltimac was voted best child seat with money being no object by what car magazine - The Multi -Mac is a new concept in child car seat safety, allowing up to four children age 0-12 to travel comfortably in the back of a five seater vehicle, it means no more having all different seats in the back of the car or struggling over seats to get children in the car, the seat is all attached together so it makes travelling so much easier and it is one of the safest ways for children and infants to travel today.

Last but not least, probably the product that stood out the most for me. Which was from the Dinky Dragon team with their product the i-Angel - never heard of the I-angel, let me tell you about it it is a baby carrier - but not just any baby carrier it comes with a bun bag type seat attached to it, called the hip seat, the hip seat element means that the i-angel offers users comfortable weight distribution meaning babies and children can be carried for a longer period of time, resulting in happier children it also helps with that bonding in the early days.

The I-angel can be used with children aged from 0 - 3 years and is a 3 in 1 carrier, the i-angel hip seat Carrier is a baby carrier, hip seat and toddler back pack all in one. it can be worn in a number of different positions, including baby facing in and out, front and back. the i-angel's very lovely and unique design allows for the carrier to be adapted from a hip seat baby carrier to hip seat which can carry a toddler up to the age of three.

I tried the I-angel on at the sway pr event with a baby dummy that was quite heavy and stood with the i-angel on for a good 20 minutes and didn't feel any sort of strain at all on my back or pelvis, the shoulder straps are well padded for extra support and comfort, it is made from 100% cotton with detachable organic cotton teething pads, I loved the design and colours it also had a cute little hood with ears to protect baby from the sun or rain.

you can purchase the i-angel at John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bebe and online at dinkydragon.co.uk

There was one other special guest at the event, Imogen Thomas but unfortunately I missed the opportunity to meet her and ask her some question. but we had a great time and met some lovely people so thanks for a lovely afternoon Sway Pr it was great and fantastic to meet you all!

What do you think of the products mentioned? do have a favorite I would love to hear you thoughts.


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