Friday 25 September 2015

Liam - Autism (ASD) the signs and whats happening now?

Its just over two weeks since Liam had his diagnosis of ASD - or Autistic spectrum disorder, you may be thinking what does that mean now? or what even is Autism? I thought I would tell you a little bit more about Autism - well what I have found out so far, and keep you updated on whats actually happening with Liam because its tough, it really is tough when you hear someone give you a diagnosis for your child, you feel alone, I think in that moment you can feel like the only person in the world that has a child that has autism and sometimes you just don't really know what to do next.

ASD, Autism in children

What I know so far about ASD and its traits, 

The signs and symptoms have always been there with Liam, I guess he is like a puzzle though, the diagnosis is about putting all his symptoms together, all his little ticks if you like and placing them in the right boxes to give him the right diagnosis here are the signs of Autism.

  • Does not play with other children - Liam finds it very difficult to mix with children, he doesn't have any so to speak established friendships  and finds communication difficult.
  • Joins in only if an adult insists and assists - What I mean by this is, he finds it difficult to be a part of things if he isn't encouraged, he would much rather be on his own.
  • Indicates his needs by using someone else's hand - again communication can be very difficult for him and sometimes it finds it really difficult to display what he is thinking, so he will take you to what he wants or will point using my hands, instead of his own.  
  • Inappropriate laughing and giggling - Liam displays this a lot when he is hurt he will laugh instead of crying, when he is happy he will sometimes behave like he is distressed.
  • Lack of creative and pretend play - Liam hates dressing up he will only do it when he is really encouraged too and he isn't very creative either although a little encouragement sometimes goes a long way - even though by choice he would do none of the above.
  • Variety is not the spice of life - he hates change anything from clothes to routines to room changes he cant manage with it it sends his anxiety through the roof - for example the living room was decorated at Easter - he is still asking for the old carpet back.
  • Talks a lot about one topic -  Liam does this a lot things that he loves and knows a lot about he will talk for hours about - but only when he feels like it.
  • Inappropriate eye contact - This is very true of Liam, he doesn't make eye contact a lot and when he does it is very fleeting.
  • bizarre behaviour - Liam often does things that are very different to what a "normal" child would do for instance he will randomly lick objects or walls, floors, he will still chew toys and his clothes and sometimes find it very difficult to follow instructions.
  • Echolactic - this means he copies things like a parrot, not all the time but he does do it.

This is what I have learnt so far and as you can see Liam fits all the boxes, autism is incurable, but with the right support at the right times, this will hopefully make an enormous difference to his life.
what happens now? Liam has been referred to nutritional services as he is obsessive about foods and different textures he just wont try new things but this is all to do with having heightened senses. As for the paediatrician he will not be seeing her anymore he has been refereed back to his GP which means anything he now needs his doctor will be the first person who we will be visiting.

How do I feel now? 

I feel disappointed I feel as though we were given his diagnosis and have just been left to deal with it I fell like we are no better off for having it, where are the support groups? or the classes to learn how we can make his life easier or better?  really I feel we are no further forward - but I am going to make it my mission to find out where the services are hiding and where the support is for parents - I will keep you updated.

What are services like in your area? what are your thoughts on being given a diagnosis and then just left to deal with it I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. It must be tough finding this out, but I think it's important to find support locally. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. It seems very difficult hope things improve for you great post thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  3. Oh gosh I can't imagine what it must feel like to be given a diagnosis and just left. My friends little boy was very much the same and displayed the same symptoms. I hope you can get some support. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


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