Wednesday 30 September 2015

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

We were asked if we would like to review The My Perfect pastry set I knew the boys would be thrilled to try a Casdon Annabel Karmel My Perfect Pastry Set. Toy company Casdon has created a range of cooking tools for young chefs as inspired and approved by Annabel Karmel. These are perfectly normal kitchen utensils, only suitable for little hands. This set is aimed at children aged 5-11.

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

Annabel Karmel has written special recipes to go with the range (which also includes a Mini Pizza Set and an Ultimate Baker's Set).

Annable Karmel doesn't need any introductions. She is a leading expert on children's nutrition and kitchen gadgets, weaning products, and has inspired a range of baking kits for want to be little chefs.

The set comes with a lovely little book of recipe ideas so if you are short of ideas for what to make, it is all there in the little booklet and they are really simple things perfect for those that like to create and bake.

This set includes:

  • 1 round baking tin
  • 1 mini tart pan
  • 10 cookie cutters
  • 6 measuring spoons
  • 1 silicone spatula
  • 1 measuring jug
  • 1 mixing bowl with anti-slip base
  • 1 silicone handle whisk
  • 10 recipes 

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

This pastry set is fab its eye catching bright and colourful, the majority of the items are made from plastic apart from the tins which are lightweight metal, making them perfect for children to get baking with. The yellow bowl has an anti slip base so it does help to limit the mess to an extent, if that is possible when young children are baking.

We made the lemon cookies from Annabel Karmel's recipe as printed in the leaflet.

You need; 
100g of cubed soft butter, 
50g caster sugar, 
150g plain flour  
zest of 1 lemon. 

however the dough was not the right consistency somehow, it was too crumbly and dry, there was no way I'd be able to roll it out. I added a drop of milk and water to make the dough stick together it did help with the consistency I split the dough in to two separate pieces so each of the boys had there own piece to roll out the rolling pin has a really nice feel to it as you can hold the handles and the body of the rolling pin rotates around great for little hands.

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

The boys loved the cookie cutters and choosing there shapes although Liam being his usual self picked out two that he liked the house and the fish and refused to use any others, but Adam was excited by the choice he had to choose from they loved cutting and putting them on the tray once they had finished making them I popped them in the oven they had to be cooked for 10 minutes at 180'C, I must admit I left them a little bit too long and the edges were a bit overly brown.  Now the idea was that they were going to decorate them with icing once they had done however the boys ad a very much different idea of just eating them all whilst they were warm, so this time they didn't get decorated - but by the enjoyment the boys got from this set I can see it is going to be very loved and used a lot in this house.

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

Overall myself and the boys loved this set, the set does state that it is for children of ages 5 - 11 but Adam who is three got on perfectly well using it as well as Liam did. This amazing pastry set is packed full of bits and I certainly think you get your moneys worth from it RRP £20 from Amazon , my only small gripe is that I think the cookie cutters could do with being slightly bigger, however I can see the makers way of thinking that they are for small hands - we loved this set though!

My Perfect Pastry set from Annabel Karmel #Review

We were sent this fabulous Perfect Pastry set for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.


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