Saturday 26 August 2017

Relationships Dating and How We Met

Before I had a break from blogging, I wrote a Post about the sorts of men you can meet on a dating site well trust me I spoke to every sort and there are some sorts about! I tried Plenty of fish or POF as most like to call it, Baddoo and Tinder and some others that I cant quite think of the names of but I did try. When I first started the internet dating scene it was quite exciting i'm not going to lie but after a few weeks or it could of been months of trawling the sites reading profiles it got really difficult to stay excited about it, but dating is hard work, i'm sure it does work for some people however not everyone tells the truth and not everyone has good intentions.

However I did go on quite a few dates there was the gentleman who opened the car door, restaurant door, very polite guy, but i don't think he liked it when i started laughing because every time I stood up so did he, I think its an old age tradition of men. The first time he did it was when i was going to the toilet I thought maybe he was going to the bar.... When I actually realised what he was doing I went a bit hysterical ... Childish I was so tempted to do the see how many times I could get him to stand up and down thing.

There were the short men and believe me there seems to be a lot of these about, nothing wrong with being short, but they're definitely not for me especially when there feet are swinging from the chair when they sit down and then there is the I don't want to pay for anything types of men, I mean I'm a woman of the 21st century I would never expect a man to pay for everything I don't think that is fair but vice versa I wouldn't want to pay for everything either. Do not get me wrong some of them were nice kind hearted just not right for me. One of them I actually told him I could not date him because he had not got a job harsh maybe but I think you have to be completely honest from the beginning.

I was about ready to give up the dating scene, I had, had enough I thought it would be easier just not to date, when my sister suggested I went on a date with a man she worked with that had been on his own for sometime. I told her to tell him to message me thinking he wouldn't, and after all I was never going to message a man I didn't really know, I don't think I have the confidence. After a few weeks I had a message sitting in my inbox on Facebook. We got talking and he asked me out on a date for drinks and a meal, I didn't fancy the meal after all lettuce down your chin on a first date is never a good look!

I was so nervous meeting him I remember getting to the door of that bar and thinking oh god what if my sister has set me up with an idiot, what if I don't like him, or he does not like me etc but I had to give it a go there was no turning around, I had initially told him I would meet him outside but I decided to brave it and walk in by myself, I didn't spot him talking to someone I walked straight past him, but he had spotted me, he frightened the life out of me he came behind me and picked me up! its a good job I have a good sense of humor and I could'nt stop laughing it really broke the ice, he was easy to talk to funny and attractive which is always a bonus I have to say that night was the best first date I have ever been on and the rest is history myself and Ian have been together since.

Relationships Dating and How We Met

Its not all been plain sailing don't get me wrong. After we had been together a while and we surpassed the dating stage, I found it really difficult, I mean the relationship, after all it had been just me and the boys for such a long time and I thought and wanted to only rely on me, I was frightened Of feeling that hurt I have felt before I was frightened if I properly let him in he would break my heart and I was frightened I would loose some sort of relationship with the boys. I wasn't the only one with skeletons in my closet about previous relationships, Ian also found it difficult to trust and it hurt me at that time but I have to think about the way he felt and the way I felt because in relationships that are not great you become conditioned to think all relationships are the same and all people are going to be the same. It has been a huge learning curve for myself and for Ian we spent a few months apart and in that time I realised how much I missed him and how much he meant to me.

Relationships Dating and How We Met

When we finally came back together it was like we had never been apart we worked through things the good and the bad, I let him into my heart and you know what that man has never faltered he has never let me down he has always been there for me when the twins were born he was my shoulder to cry on, he was there when I woke up, he might not be the boys dad but I know he would be there for them if they ever needed him and they love him and hes my best friend. I'm not saying we are perfect nor is our life perfect. We are not living together yet because we cant, where we are right now isn't big enough for us to live together but one day we will. As a family were certainly not rich in money but we are rich in love and I wouldn't change our relationships.



  1. Aww! What a lovely story...It sounds like you may have found the one! Good luck to you both x

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