Thursday, 28 September 2017

Little Splashers, Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy & Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy

Bath time should always be fun for babies and children and there is nothing better than having some great toys to accomplish this we were sent two great bath toys from Hape toys - Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy and the Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy,

Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy specifications,
  • ABS
  • Colorful teddy bear wind-up swim toy
  • Perfect for use in the bath or at a pool
  • Race your little friend around in the water
  • Encourages kids to interact and participate with water play
  • Recommended for ages 12 months and up

Little Splashers Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy & Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy

Priced at £12.99 available from amazon The swimmer teddy is the perfect water toy for your little one whether it is for by the pool or in the bath The swimming teddy is brightly eye catching and colourful we think he is very cute too once you have wound him up on his back he swims round and round in circles. which Jack really found very funny and was turning round and round in the bath squealing with excitement the Teddy bear he was also dunking him in and out like the teddy was a diver off the side of the bath. This swimming teddy is very well made and I would imagine it would be to break as he is solid. he is also quite a big bigger than most of the other bath toys that are around making it easier for little hands to hold. We really enjoyed playing with the swimmer bath toy he has been a big hit in our house even though he is aimed at young children my five year old and seven year old both play with this every bath time now. He is an all round enjoyable toy for young children and older ones.

Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy, 
  • ABS
  • This little friend pops up and down
  • Offers engaging fun for little ones
  • Perfect for bath or shower time
  • Encourages kids to interact and participate in water fun
  • Recommended for ages 12 months and up

Little Splashers Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy & Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy

Priced at £12.99 from Amazon, this pop up shower buddy is my personal favorite out of the two bath toys, Again this toy is very well made and a lot bigger than the average bath toy. The teddy sits inside the cloud and when its filled with water the teddy bear rises to the top, once lifted out of the water the teddy bear sinks back into the cloud as the water drains out of the multiple holes in the cloud in a shower type motion its almost like magic. Jack was saying the teddy bear is saying boo and asking where the teddy has gone he had great fun playing with this toy laughing and giggling and splashing it into the water as a parent this toy is great for encouragement if your child is afraid of the the shower as it stimulates this motion  and it will make them more confident with water before introducing the shower. The two older ones have been using this toy to wash each others hair and think its really funny they all love this toy its great, stimulating and fun toy well worth its price.

Little Splashers Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy & Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy

These two fun and fabulous bath toys were sent to us for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.



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