Wednesday 27 September 2017

Establishing a Bath Time Routine for Babies and Children

Bath time can be such a bind and quite stressful at times especially if like me you have five children to look after and sort out, however even if I am stressed I try to help them enjoy it as much as possible. From day one with all of the children I have always stuck by a routine I think with children what ever the age establishing a bath time routine for babies and children helps to keep my sanity as a parent and also the kids never resist bath times as they never remember not having a bath so it is a fun time rather than a chore for them.

My personal Bath time routine starts around five pm and ends just after seven, I start with the youngest two then bath Jack my two year old son and then the oldest two have a a bath together.

Key tips for bath time, 

  • Make sure you have everything you need organised before you start pajamas, nappies, talcum powder, towels any lotions that you use, and dressing gowns if they wear them - if it is cold I usually just pop the towels over the radiator.
  • Make sure you have hot water, sounds ridiculous but in our house we have solar panels and if there is no sun there is no hot water so I need to turn it on the amount of times I have forgotten to do this is unbelievable! 
  • If your child has bath toys that are not stored in the bathroom make sure you have fetched the toy they would like to play with
  • Water temperature should always be tested to avoid burns. Place the top of your hand in the running water to be sure it’s not too hot or too cold, since this part of your hand is more sensitive than your palm.
  • Never leave a child unattended in the bath. It is best to be within arm’s reach to avoid accidents. 
  • Wipe up any water spills as soon as possible and be sure that the soap isn’t left on the floor to avoid slips.
  • Always use slip-resistant mats inside and outside of the bath or shower.
  • Use bath time equipment for babies and toddlers, such as a baby bath or safety seats to stop them moving around in such a big space.
Make bath time fun,
  • If you children have a lot of bath toys rotate bath toys so children don’t get tired of the same ones.
  • Bath toys do not have to be expensive, give them a plastic cup or an old shampoo bottle they make fantastic water shooters.
  • You could buy some bath crayons or some bath foam and see what shapes and animals they can mold them into.
Personal care,
  • Encourage children to wash them selves even if they are little and not doing it correctly the younger they try the easier it will get as they get older.
  • If you have younger children use props to teach them how to wash themselves for instance a doll or a bath character get them to was the toy how they should wash them selves its a good way to get them to learn.
fear of the water, 
  • Some children can be afraid of the water or just afraid of the noise of the bath filling you can reduce this fear by filling the bath before the child gets anywhere near the bathroom.
  • You could try encouraging children to put there faces in or near the water and blowing bubbles - of course make sure they are always supervised.
  • Sometimes television and imitating things being pulled down the drain can make children be frightened this might happen to them, you could try getting them out of the bath and getting them to watch the water go down also you could put a toy in the bath to show them this isnt going to happen, also remind them they are a lot bigger than the plug hole 
  • If they are still frightened or you having trouble getting them in, you could get in with them sometimes having mummy or daddy in the bath with them is enough reassurance for them to start enjoying bath time as they should do.

Bath times can be as we all know hard work but enjoy your child's bath time make it fun even when things are tough, children grow up and become more independent and these are the times you will look back on and smile about! 


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