Tuesday 5 September 2017

You Have Got Your Hands Full! 10 quick Come Backs

Since having the twins I have heard this phrase "you have got your hands full" at least once a day but its getting to the point where I go out with the kids and hear it from at least three strangers a day and im not normally a negative person my glass is always half full but it is slowly driving me insane, I mean what exactly does it mean? That people think my life is really busy? That I cant cope? That I don't have any time for myself? Or are they implying that I shouldn't have five children that perhaps I am lazy or a baby making machine with no other life outside of motherhood.

When people say it sometimes I feel like they are looking down there nose at me, like I am, or have done something wrong, I usually just smile and say yes - I know people are probably just trying to make small talk and most but not all are not being rude, but I feel like an idiot just smiling and burying my eyes into the pushchair.

I am proud of my family every single one of them at there is not a single moment where I have thought I have got my hands full. There has got to be some better responses to use when people say "you have got your hands full" I put my thinking cap on and this is what I have come up with perhaps people will start to think before saying that god damn awful phrase.

You Have Got Your Hands Full! 10 quick Come Backs

  • Feel free to take them off my hands for an hour.
  • No there not, full were thinking of having some more.
  • It just looks that way because I am small but I can handle a lot more than this.
  • Yes but my heart is fuller. 
  • Better than being empty.
  • We just don't know how to say no. 
  • Right? well I better sell a few. 
  • We can't afford a television. 
  • yep and I love every minute of it.
  • Never a dull moment 

Its not easy being a parent, but as I will always say I personally would not change it for the world, so if your one of those people thinking of saying to a busy looking mum "you have got your hands full" try and maybe think of something more constructive to say for some mums a comment like that can make or break someones day. 

Do you have any more to add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts? 


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  1. I used to get wound up with '5 kids? what no TV? All boys? wouldn't you like a girl?' My come back to the last one was 'I was hoping for a pony' it seemed to shut people up


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