Wednesday 6 September 2017

Twins, Should I dress them the same?

What is it with parenting? I don't understand why parents are so quick to judge each other, surely we are all in the same boat, we should be standing by each other not making each other feel like we are the worst parents in the world!

There are lots of debates when it comes to parenting. There is the age old traditional debate of to wean my child or not to wean my child, Breast is best that old debate never fails to get mums tempers flaring when you start talking about it - in fact I wouldn't even bring it up in a mums groups and if someone does mention the boob or bottle thing, I would make a swift move towards the corner of the room, the actual debate is never going to be agreed upon.
As a mum to five, three singletons and now a set of twins obviously I had never actually thought about whether it was right to dress twins the same or not until I had my own set, I didn't think it was that much of a big deal ..... how wrong could I have been? Should I dress my twins the same?

Apparently by dressing Twins the same they don't have there own Identity and will become confused about who they are as they get older or perhaps I am psychologically damaging them by dressing them the same?

I would like to say that I think this is absolute crap rubbish, apart from the fact my babies are still babies and are only five months old by putting them in the same outfits it is not going to change who they are nor are they going to get confused about who they are, My girls already have there own personality's they laugh differently, have different cries, one also is more patient than the other, personality wise they are no more alike than any other a child.

Twins, Should I dress them the same?

So why dress them the same? You might ask, you wouldn't dress other siblings the same, Well actually I do for photo opportunity's etc if I see a top I like for the boys and it comes in all there sizes I will buy one for each of them, but if they didn't want to wear it, I wouldn't make them as they have there own opinions and as my girls get older and have there own opinions they can pick out what they would like to wear, if they want to wear the same fair enough if they want to wear different clothes they can either way, I really don't really mind I do not think there is ever going to be a right answer and I will always fall into the category of mums for dressing them the same but if you can't make up your mind and remember honestly there is no right way or wrong way its all down to personal opinion and parenting but here is my list, for and against dressing them the same.

Twins, Should I dress them the same?

For dressing them the same 

Its convenient and easy,  When you are a twin mum having clothing the same in the wardrobe makes it easy to go in pick out an outfit and not worry over which baby to put in which outfit or which baby might look better. bringing up two children of the same time is difficult never mind if you have others as well so sometimes life has to be made easy.

It grabs attention, As annoying as it is sometimes when you are in a rush and people are trying to stop you to have a look, other times I quite enjoy people cooing and looking at the girls and I am proud that they're mine.

It will prevent arguments, As they get a little bit older if they both have the same there is going to be no arguments about which one wears Peppa pig and which wears Ben and Holly because I can garrentee while they are young whatever one wants the other will want exactly the same.

You can spot them, Lets face it if you are out and about with two toddlers and one does happen to wonder off its easier to spot one or remember what there wearing if they are both wearing the same

They look super cute, it speaks for its self when they are both wearing the same they look really cute!

Twins, Should I dress them the same?

Against dressing the same, 

Easily identified, if they are dressed differently its easier for them to be identified by teachers friends and relatives preventing the children getting cross when people get them mixed up because hopefully they wont.

Different interests, as they get older like all children they will have different personalities different interests and different likes and dislikes meaning they will probably want to wear things that express what they like or don't like.

Illness, if they are poorly and have to be admitted to hospital or are seen at the doctors if they are both wearing different there is a less likely chance the doctors will get them mixed up.

Individual identity, if you look around on google some studies suggest that before you can even speak you get some of your personality from the way you are dressed (I am not sure I completely agree with this) meaning they could get confused by being dressed the same so to promote there own identity you should dress them differently... my argument is what if the clothes you dress them in don't suit there personality you are not going to truly know what they are like until they speak.

What would you do? dress them the same or not? and why? I would love to hear what you think? 

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  1. thats a tough one! I was thinking of this the other day - if the next one is twins, would i dress them in Lila's old clothes? or buy matching ones. Maybe one day, match them, then maybe another day mix it up :)

  2. I think at their age it's just down to your personal preference. Lots of people think it's very cute, others don't, that's just opinion. A friend of mine often dresses her girls in the same outfits and there's 2 years between them! Rest assured it won't be long before they're stamping their own mark on things! #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. Such a helpful list! I think most parents think about this even if they have 2 or more that aren't twins. Dressing kids the same is super cute, but I agree - as they get older they can have more of their own personalities expressed through their clothing. Thanks for linking up to #forhteloveofblog


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