Sunday 1 October 2017

All About Me! #Blogtober2017

I  have only just discovered this fabulous link up with the idea is to write a post every day for Blogtober the first prompt for today is about me So I have decided that's exactly what I am going to write about you know when you start doing something and halfway through it manages every time to be about the kids well I'm not going to mention them too much this is all about me!

I am Helen Marie Porter just turned 35 I live in Leicester I was brought up as the older child of three I have both a younger brother and sister my sister is now my best friend but we are all really close. Growing up we were never the richest family around but we always had what we wanted for Christmas and we had a holiday every year spending time with my family was the most important thing, in fact, my mum and dad have just celebrated their 40th ruby wedding anniversary which I'm proud of them for that and many other things of course.

Blogtober17 About Me

When I was seventeen I was all about the money I wanted to enjoy life have money in my pocket for the latest fashion makeup and nights out so I gave up college and started working full-time in a residential home which was soon followed by moving to another residential home that paid better but I loved it at the time and I would spend the next three years, it then got to a point where I couldn't go any further as much as I loved the elderly people they were like my family I needed to find something more challenging, I managed to get myself a job at the hospital I couldn't have been more proud of my self I didn't know what the ward even was or what the word Oncology was but I had done it I had a job in a hospital I didn't realise that oncology meant cancer care most of the patients we looked after were palliative and challenge it definitely was the first year was really tough but I grew to love my job, again four years later there was something missing I couldn't stand that people would be crying in pain and I couldn't physically do anything I had to fetch a nurse so I applied to do my nurse training.

Nursing physically on a hospital ward came easily to me as it's something I love and I'm passionate about it makes me excited but the written and exams I worked so hard for I made it through then six months before I was due to qualify I found out I was pregnant boom it could not have come at a worse time in my life but it was happening When I went on maternity leave I was only three months from the finishing line, however, a year after having my first son Liam, I went back it was harder than ever juggling a baby uni life and placements but I made it and qualified January 2011 I got my first job as a staff nurse in a category b prison I enjoyed the experience, however it was scary at times and I found I was really soft and prison is not exactly the place where you can be soft anyway again I found myself pregnant and after my second son Adam was born I decided I would not return to the prison after maternity leave as it just wasn't for me both the boys were young then in 2013 my relationship broke down with my now ex - he left meaning jobs were out of a question I became very depressed what can I say it was hard two young children and on my own nothing to do which is when this started I started writing my blog originally called two monsters and me somewhere to put my thoughts and something to do with my time on an evening I found it quite therapeutic.

In 2014 myself and the ex-decided to give it another go - which resulted in the last of my sons Jack myself and their dad would have never worked JAck was born in 2015 and I decided that being a single mum was not going to define me I was going to lose weight I lost three stone in total, I sorted out childcare and got myself a job working in medicine back in the NHS which I love my confidence grew and in that time I met my lovely Ian again and this will be the last time ever I fell pregnant only this time it was with twins - both girls my family is pretty complete now I found my love for writing again and we have rebranded to represent my family how it is today which is pretty crazy most of the time but I love the noise and the kids keep me young!

Blogtober17 About Me

There definitely won't be any more babies now though my life is complete I really want to concentrate on my career as a nurse and on blogging sometimes life has to let you go the first career-wise that's what I'm going to be concentrating on!




  1. It's lovely to read more about you. Good luck with Blogtober x

  2. Awww Helen you're amazing. It's so great to see you back, happy, looking fab and with a beautiful family!! Xxx #Blogtober17

  3. Wow you've been on quite a journey, lovely to see how settled you are now x

  4. Lovely to learn more about you. Good luck with Blogtober

  5. Welcome to #Blogtober17, well done on completing your nurse training, I only completed my core 18 months before I had my eldest daughter and then decided it wasn't for me. I am looking forward to finding out more about you and your busy family (I couldn't imagine twins!!)


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