Monday 2 October 2017

25 Positive and Appreciative things you should say to children

Being positive is something that is difficult to be all the time as a parent and sometimes when children are naughty you often cant ignore them it is so easy to get into the habit of just telling them off all the time.

It shouldn't be difficult, but it seems to take a lot more thought to praise a child, not because we don't care, but because when they're being good it's easy to enjoy that time, the peace and quiet that we all love I find when they have massive achievements like in school or at one of there clubs I always make a huge fuss of them, but around the home sometimes I am that wrapped up in family life the praise sometimes gets missed when really I should be watching and praising them or giving them positive encouragement in every good thing they do, after all, we all love to be told when we are good at something or made to feel appreciated and that should be no different in our children.

25 Positive and Appreciative things you should say to children

25 Positive and appreciative things you should say to your children,

  1. Thank you - so easy, yet often gets forgotten
  2. wow, that was so helpful,
  3. You are really good at that
  4. You make me feel better
  5. You always make me smile
  6. You have been such a good boy/girl today
  7. That was really really kind
  8. I'm so proud of you
  9. That was a great choice
  10. That's a brilliant idea
  11. You are amazing at that
  12. You make me laugh
  13. I believe in you
  14. You can do it
  15. Well done
  16. Your opinion always matters 
  17.  Being your mummy/mum/dad is my favorite thing 
  18. Its Ok we all make mistakes 
  19. You tried your best that's all that matters 
  20. You tell the best stories 
  21. Wow you were super fast 
  22. You will always come first 
  23. I love you
  24. I Will always love you and never stop 
  25. You fill my heart with pride and joy  

Remember if you are positive about Your children generally they will follow your lead and be positive to others such as their friends, family, and people they meet throughout life. Try saying things daily to them and watch their confidence grow it will also help them if they grow up and go through hard times in their life, they will already have the positivity to help them deal with difficult situations.


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