Monday, 2 October 2017

Babies #Blogtober2017

It's a short but sweet post for #Blogtober2017 from me today the theme for today is babies I was lucky enough to have five babies and here they are,

Liam my first baby boy born weighing 7lb9 born in 2010 he is clever and intrigued by the world diagnosed with ASD a few years ago but It does not define him and he never ceases to amaze me!

Adam the smallest of my boys born weighing 7lb1 in 2011 he is a little diva he loves to dance loves attention and thinks he is the boss of the house but he is really caring and kind and is quick to help me most of the time.

Jack my biggest baby born in 2015 weighing 8lb5 and a half, he is possibly the loudest child you would meet amazingly bright and talks so well for his age he is so big though he looks like a four-year-old rather than two!

Demi-Rose and Eva-Jen weighing 5lb2 and 5lb9 Demi-rose is actually three minutes older than Eva-Jen even though she was the smallest, my two little princesses are both getting their own personalities and growing so fast they are both such happy little girls!




  1. Aww! Your children are just adorable. They sound like such characters x

  2. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous children!


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