Tuesday, 3 October 2017

#Blogtober day 3 cars

The prompt today is cars, so I haven't got a car, in fact, I am thirty-five years old and still can't drive this feels like one of my biggest failures in life, however, I am learning to drive and feel like I can drive I just can't seem to control my nerves enough to get me through my bloody test my first test I stopped at a green traffic light .... who even does that.

My second test I didn't see a car coming round an island and nearly pulled out in front of it apart from this I only had three minors but one mistake and it's game over so hopefully by the time I have my next test I will pass third time lucky maybe I am dreaming of the day I can put the kids in the car and just go but for now I will continue with my double pushchair and baby carrier things never get any easier and as the girls are growing carrying one its so heavy Jack my two-year-old needs to learn to walk nicely rather than running off fingers crossed I pass my driving test soon!



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