Wednesday 4 October 2017

Children's five tractors jigsaw puzzle toy from Hape

We were sent some beautiful children's five tractors jigsaw puzzles from Hape toys.

When you first see the jigsaws in the box it doesn't look like much, but don't be misled or don't judge a book by its cover as some might say the simple exterior of these beautifully handcrafted puzzles can only be seen when you open the jigsaw and take them all out of the box, they are nothing like so many of the jigsaws you will see in the shops these days as you remove one tractor another is revealed and so on.

Each tractor piece is meticulously cut from singular or multilayers to uncover more than what you have first seen.

Children's five tractors jigsaw puzzle toy from Hape

The five tractors jigsaw puzzle has been made to spark a child's imagination and help them to have fun whilst learning at the same time there is a range of the jigsaws available by Hape so if the tractor that we are looking at in this review is not for you there is certainly something out there from Hape that would suit any child.

Tricky tractor jigsaw specifications,

  • Product dimensions in cm: 15 x 11,2 x 2,3
  • Package Dimensions in cm: 23,2 x 16,3 x 2,
  • Material: wood
  • Age recommendation: from 2 years
  • Number of Parts: 6
Children's five tractors jigsaw puzzle toy from Hape

Jack is two and this jigsaw was quite hard for him and tested his motor skills, when he was putting it back together it took him quite some time before he was able to fully complete the jigsaw and still needed help, although he didn't get fed up or frustrated with it quite the opposite he was entertained with the tractors lining them up from big to small and playing with them giving them different voices and names he really enjoyed it. The tractors are all different colours which makes them very bright and eye-catching it also makes it harder to loose pieces. I love the fact that these help your child to learn they are beautifully handcrafted and very unique to other toys that are around in the shops. The Tricky Five Tractors Jigsaw gets a big thumbs up from both me and Jack!

  • We were sent this lovely five tractors jigsaw puzzle for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own. 


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