Monday 30 October 2017

Make Your Own Chocolate House

For Christmas this year the boys have asked for a lot of maker sets such as ice cream makers, slushy makers make your own chocolate lollipops I love that the boys are finding their creative sides, but the one thing most of these expensive make your own sets have in common is that the majority of them come with no ingredients meaning they are not just ready to use, however, the Make your own chocolate house comes with everything you need from instructions and moulds to meltable chocolate.

We were sent this lovely set from What2buy4kids  I realised as soon as I opened it that it would be something I would have to do with one of the kids, not all of them as there was one house not only that my two-year-old is far too heavy handed! I had someone on one time with my six-year-old Adam so we decided to spend it making the chocolate house.

On opening the box inside there were two moulds a bag of white chocolate buttons a bag of milk chocolate buttons, instructions a paper hat and a colour your own garden to place the house on when you have finished.

The first job was to melt the chocolate, the instructions state to put it in the microwave for 40 seconds, we did the milk chocolate first it was perfect we set that aside to cool a little before pouring it into the bowl next the white chocolate for some reason these did not melt at all it just went a bit thick and not very runny so I placed the bowl over another bowl with hot water in it this melted it really well.

next, it was time to pop the chocolate in the moulds this was really simple and went very well, then to place into the fridge to set.

The house actually set really well, we left it for around half an hour in the fridge. Once it was set bit by bit Adam started to very carefully pop the chocolate house parts out of the mould unfortunately when he popped one of the side bits out a little bit did break off but this was easily fixed.

Once all the parts had been removed from the mould we warmed up the leftover white chocolate to use to stick the house together, I did think at the time this is not going to be easy but in actual fact it was really simple using my finger I just popped a bit of the warm chocolate on the edges a bit at a time I found it was easiest to do this with the house standing up it fixed together really well then we popped it back in the fridge for ten minutes to fuse together that was it we had a beautiful choc on choc make your own chocolate house!

I was really pleased with the results and so was Adam he had great fun helping to make it. here are a few tips for a successful looking house.

  • Melt the white chocolate over a bowl of hot water rather than in a microwave.
  • Don't worry if you haven't filled the chocolate to the sides once you have filled all the mould give it a good few taps on the side to even out the chocolate and get rid of the air bubbles it also should fill all the gaps.
  • It doesn't take many buttons to stick the house together so you only need to save a very small handful of the white ones to stick it together at the end.
  • Last but not least eat it and enjoy it the chocolate is absolutely divine really good quality.

Overall I absolutely love this Make your own chocolate house it has everything you need to get creative with the kids, have fun and for half the price of some of the popular make your own kits around this retails at £12.50 and can be purchased Here at What2Buy4kids  or alternatively you can visit the choc on choc website here this house is available to buy all year round, however, I think it would make a great Christmas gift for kids.

   This choc on choc house was sent to us to review from What2Buy4kids all opinions remain honest and my own.        

make your own chocolate house gift ideas for kids


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