Tuesday 14 November 2017

Weaning with Hipp Organic

A few years ago when I first started weaning Jack I wrote an article on Hipp Organic baby food showing you a lot of the different flavours and varietys they have multiple jars and packets and even make a baby juice drink for your little one they are all yummy easy to grab and go packets and jars a fantastic idea if you need convenience when you are a busy mum like I do, admittedly it is easier to give the girls things that are already made and ready to go but of course I still want to know that they are healthy and not full of rubbish thats why Hipp Organic is one of my favourites.

Hipp Organic has just introduced a range of delicious pure vegetable jars which is ideal for babies first tastes and for when your little ones are ready to start weaning, we were sent a small selection of these to try with the twins. Weaning has taken a bit longer than usual with the twins, I think I thought they were ready to be weaned and three times I started weaning them and had to stop, for various different reasons, one of the main reasons is they are slightly behind because they were born earlier. but I am happy to say they are now successfully trying different things every day but we are still using the pureed first foods.

Organic Hipp pure vegetables for yummy first tastes come in three different flavours there is pure white carrot, pure parsnips and pure peas. Hipp Organic first tastes pride themselves on these jars containing no added salt or sugar and the food is then gently steam cooked to preserve only the best nutrients afterwards is finely pureed resulting in the best consistency for baby.

On a day to day basis, I use a range of ready-made food and homemade food for the girls but as I said above it can be very difficult when you have a large family and you are on the go all the time to make homemade meals. so the first tastes weaning jars worked really well for us the girls really liked the pure white carrot and the pure parsnips but they just didn't like the pure peas at all and just kept spitting it out on the several occasions I tried them with it.

I liked that each jar only had one individual vegetable in each rather than having a mix of a jar, for example, several different vegetables with them only being one vegetable I could tell exactly which foods they like and which food they don't like.

The Hipp first tastes jars can be given to your little one at room temperature or can be warmed up which is ideal if you are on the go or out and about as a personal preference both of my girls prefer the jars at room temperature rather than warm, I love that the jars are organic and the only thing that has been added to them is water these were a big hit in my house with the twins and a big hit with me knowing they are getting a healthy meal.

We will be continuing to use Hipp Organic and I will be stocking the cupboard with their lovely products as it is one of my favourite food brands for babies. you can find out more about babies first tastes, weaning and other great information by visiting the Hipp Organic website Here you can also view the full range of there baby food products.

We were sent the yummy first food jars of baby food from Hipp Organic for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.


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