Sunday 28 July 2019

Life and why I have not blogged for a while

Life has been such a Huge roller coaster this last year and a bit, from starting a new job to moving into a new house life has certainly been hectic, to say the least.

Excuses, n all honesty, I had lost my motivation for blogging.

About a month ago I was talking to one of my work friends about her travel blog and talking about her blog really made me think about mine and how I missed writing

I started writing to keep memories to read back and through not writing I have missed such a lot of memories so I am going to try again, besides writing for me makes me a better person.

As I said I have started a new job on a respiratory ward, when I started I wasn't sure about it but as time has gone on, I love where I work my colleagues are amazing, we have also moved house it's a three-bedroom house and it is definitely work in progress its just decor but I'm sure we will get there in the end.

The kids have grown so much Liam is managing his Autism brilliantly his support teacher is an absolute godsend she is supportive not only to him but to me he is coming on leaps and bounds although he has been diagnosed with dyslexia we are working as a team and managing things.

Adam is still finding his feet in life and I'm not entirely sure he is certain of who he wants to be yet but he is seven so that's ok he has every right to be a different person today as he was yesterday and that's alright, as a parent I'm just following his lead and guiding him if he needs me too.

Jack, what can I say about Jack he starts full-time school in September he is brave and shows no fear yet he is such a loving little boy he really has a soft big heart he knows when mummy needs a cuddle!

Demi-Rose the older but littlest of the twins, she is really really trying to talk she likes to help tidy up and is definitely the one that mothers everyone gives cuddles for nothing and will share what she has and knows if you are hurt or upset she has a lot of patience and it takes a lot to push her over the edge.

Eva-Jen is the biggest but the youngest this girl is the bossiest loudest of the two, she loves to tell everyone what to do and what they should play but she is so funny she makes us really laugh with her words and expressions she is so animated.

Me, myself and I are about to go on a new journey in my life, one that I really didn't want to face at 36 and one that I would never wish on anyone I will explain more in my next post.


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