Wednesday 25 September 2013

Adam 23 months

Well Adam another month has gone by and its exactly one month now till your second birthday
this month you are saying whats that sound and your tantrums have gotten bigger, frustration I think because you seem to understand everything but you cant always get across what you want!
You have also started to push you brother around I mean literally over, you think it is really funny you're so cheeky I have to stop and remind you that is naughty!

You have also become really protective over your food if anyone comes near you while your eating your bottom lip sticks out, you can really sulk for sometime usually some mummy reassurance gets you back on the right track. I think your tastes are changing either that or you are going to be a vegetarian you love your fruit and vegetables, you would rather have a stick of pineapple than a biscuit but I cant fault you your eating habits have always been really good.

I am enjoying our one on one time together in the afternoons now Liam is at school, even if it is only for half an hour because you always fall asleep in the pushchair on the way back I cant wait to see what the next month of development holds for you, but please stay out of the tumble dryer!



  1. Ahhh bless - he is so sweet! Love the photo of him in the dryer!!!

  2. I know luckily I caught him in time before his brother turned it on!


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