Wednesday 25 September 2013

School = Nightmare

Well here we are over half way through the week, School is just turning into one big nightmare. Everyday when I leave the house to pick Liam up from school I feel sick at the thought of what the teacher going to tell me today, I thought after last week he would of started to settle down but instead this week he tells me everyday
"I don't want to go to school today" and "that naughty lady tells me off"
Its really awful but all I can think is why does it have to be my child that is the naughty one? why does he have to be the one that's continuously in time out?

Liam is the child I think that is every parents worst nightmare. To have as there own and to have there children play with. He is the child that will snap your child's eye patch on there face when there a pirate, snatch there toys off them and throw them across the room, he would tip sand in there hair, and kick there sandcastles over. I shout at him to stop running away from me when were out he carries on, he runs into the road with out looking with out listening, I have to try and walk with the pushchair griping his hand tightly as hes wriggling, jiggling and crying trying to get free from my grasp, free so he can carry on causing chaos.
Other parents they stare at me and I know what there thinking, look at her she cant control her son, look at that naughty child, some tut, some roll there eyes, and others I have heard muttering under there breath.
It actually really upsets me to think that people judge me, they don't know me as a parent or my parenting skills or how I look after my boys, people see a naughty child and automatically blame it on the parents.
Is it my fault? No I don't think so I do my best to discipline both the boys, it just so happens that Liam chooses not to listen or to follow simple instructions he chooses to be spiteful to other children well to anyone really, he finds something naughty to do wherever he is.

Which brings me back to school, everyday the teacher is standing on the door like a bouncer, I am like that under-aged teenager again with no identification to get into the club, hiding my face trying not to make to much eye contact hoping today will be the day I get in or should I say that Liam has been good. Every day she gives me that disapproving look, my heart sinks I know what she is going to say before she has said it, Liam has been in time out today, Liam has been climbing on things he shouldn't today, Liam has tried to break the sandpit today, Liam wouldn't sit on the carpet today the list goes on.
Not only that Liam and his three year old friends have formed an alliance they are running around like wild animals bouncing off each others behavior like children do, they try to better one another, to be quite honest yesterday I felt quite sorry for the teacher she looked shattered I mean I struggle with one Liam I couldn't quite imagine having five or maybe six children like him in the same room!

I am really hoping that over the next week things are going to settle down. Honestly I am not sleeping at night worrying about what the next day is going to bring, or what the day is going to hold for Liam I have parents afternoon on Friday, I feel physically sick at the thought of it, but hopefully they will be able to help make suggestions of how we can work together as a team to improve things.



  1. Great post hels bells I'm sure we're not the only 1s with devil child �� just keep thinkin there is light at the end of tht tunnel it's just a little longer than normal xxx

  2. I hope you right Hayley I keep thinking it cant get much worse and then something else happens!

  3. There is no such thing as a perfect child, or a perfect parent so first off stop beating yourself up over it.
    He is just pushing his luck, probably rebelling about the younger one staying at home/having been born but with perseverance, constantly rewarding the good no matter how small and ignoring the bad as much as you can without endangering either of them thins will improve.


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