Friday 27 September 2013

Let me tell you a story Nanobytes #review

"The story goes that some time ago, far far away in space, the sky was filled with edible planets drifting dangerously close to the stars. ‘Planet Nano’ collided with a star and exploded, filling space with lots and lots of little sweets, until Project-Nano astronauts (Nanonauts) were sent out to collect these rare, delicious sweets and bring them back to Earth for our enjoyment". 

"Available in 25g treat-size packs and larger 65g space-age resealable bags. Nanobytes are the tastiest things we've discovered in the universe so far".

So I am introducing to you Nanobytes 

kids and children's candy sweets

Nanobytes are small candy sweets, that are crunchy on the outside but once placed in to your mouth become soft chewy candy and all bind together. Nanobytes are available in two sizes 25g and 65g and come in three different flavours strawberry, bubblegum and cola they are small and shaped like asteroids to carry on with there space like theme.

The packaging is really attractive, its shiny, bright, colourful and stands out from the crowd I haven't seen anything similar on the market at the moment, I am sure all children and adults are going to love them. 
The top of the big packets (65g) are resealable, when i say resealable, I mean not the type of packet that is messing about folding the packet over and over again to put a sticker it, too keep it closed type of seal, they actually have a zip lock type seal which I think is a fantastic idea as it keeps all the little sweets nicely fresh and safe until there ready to be eaten, plus if you wanted to be super savvy you could keep the bags and re-use them for something else. The only problem I found was I could not get in to the packet without scissors so my advice would be if your wanting to eat them on the move open the packet before you leave home you don't want to be disappointed!

Now to the important part, the flavour,

Strawberry Nanobytes are quite dark pink in colour, I would not say that they taste very much like strawberry, but they are very sweet and delicious my taste buds were working over time eating them. The flavour and fruitiness seems to last for ages even after you have finished chewing them.

Bubblegum, These are a baby pink in colour. As soon as you open the packet you can smell the aroma of bubblegum oozing out of the packet, it does not stop there, the sweets are exactly what they say they are, a very strong tasting bubblegum flavour matching the smell exactly. A huge handful of these little beauty's certainly get your mouth watering for more and set your taste buds alight.

Cola; This is my favourite, these are a light brown in colour. In taste they have a similar resemblance to Cola bottles with out all the messy sugar. I was actually very surprised at just how much they really do taste like the real Cola they were yummy, scrummy, delicious I couldn't help myself they were so moreish, I can safely say there is now none left! 

The ingredients list: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Acidity Regulators (E330, E296), Flavouring, Thickener (E414), Glazing Agent (E903), Colour (E162). Which is quite a lot of sugar but its safe to say your not going to be eating them everyday, I think everyone deserves a treat and what better way to have one in the form of these funky little sweets.

Overall I thought that Nanobytes are brilliant, I love the story they have with them plus the shiny packaging, it gives them that little bit extra to help them stand out from the crowd children are going to find them very attractive! Plus the sweets are gluten free, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians, which will appeal to parents that are buying them. 
At just 25p for the 25g packet, 69p for the 65g packet they are an absolute bargain, they are definitely worth the money, These awesome little sweets with massive tongue tingling flavours speak for themselves. I would definitely buy more and recommend going out buying and trying all three of these flavours.

Nanobytes can be seen on shelves in and around shops from this month to find out more you can visit also on the website you can also find free games for the children, competitions and a free unique downloadable activity pack! For even more information you can also contact them via facebook and follow them via Twitter

 I was sent these three packets of these tongue tingling Nanobytes sweets for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed are honest and my own



  1. Ooooh interesting! I had never seen or heard of them! Will keep a look out! Thanks for the review x

    1. not quite in shops yet but I am reassured they will be beaming in from space any time soon lol x

  2. I love my sweeties, so will look out for these. very reasonable too

    1. yes that's what I thought you cant beat the price I think they would be great on top of cakes too, there only at wholesalers etc at the moment but will be showing up in stores everywhere soon so keep your eyes peeled!

  3. These look lovely! Would love to try some!

  4. Yes , defo keep us updated if you find out when they will be available to buy!

  5. Oo, I've never seen these, they look nice.

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