Tuesday 23 June 2015

Forget terrible two's, Think traumatic three's!

As parenting goes, I feel like with Adam every stage that he enters he is like my first child and I have never tackled or come across the "phases" before just because Liam didn't hit his milestones like children his own age were, he didn't do the singing and dancing the laughing at silly things when he was younger - However Adam, is he is just your average three year old child nightmare.

I haven't really hit a period like this before where I can honestly say I really don't like my child at the moment, but at this moment he is pushing every single boundary and Adam has been since he started nursery, you see Liam is a child that is a leader, its basically his way or the highway, where as Adam is a follower I'm not really sure which is worse to be quite honest.

I try not to argue with Adam because he has a very stubborn streak - probably like myself he just doesn't give in, it doesn't matter what I ask him to do he is "Tommy opposite" at the moment.

I find myself having to ask him to do things five maybe six times before he will even attempt to do what is being asked of him and even then it is usually half a job. I will say to him "pick your toys up babe its nearly dinner time.................. and here is Adams responses

  • "But my hands are full", 
  • "But I'm tired" (forces yawn)
  • "can you help me mummy" 
  • "I didn't do it" (he is the only child in the house) 
  • "I have a cough" 
  • "my leg hurts"
  • randomly forces a cry because he doesn't want to do it
  • asks to go upstairs because he is naughty
  • "No"
  • "I don't want dinner" 
  • " I want Daddy" (turns on the water works)

You see, this is what it is like regularly, it doesn't matter what I ask ,he always wants to the the opposite, and it is driving me mad, clothes, shoes, dinner, breakfast, to what socks he is wearing to school, he insists on going to bed in his sunglasses and hat and if you try and get him to do any different he has always got something to say.

Not only that, he is going through the phase of he done this or she has done that, he likes to especially tell people about my "wrong doings" like he knows when his dad used to live here he didn't like me drinking out the bottle of Pepsi so when his dad rings he makes sure he tells him what I have been doing, or when my mum rings he will tell her, my mummy still has her pyjamas on you seriously cant get away with anything.

he notices when things have been moved, he notices if there are new things in the house, yes he is observant, not such a bad thing, but when it is gifts for other people you can be sure he will be telling them what you have got for them.

As I said previously Adam is a follower so a lot of his bad habits are easily picked up from school don't get me wrong Adam isn't perfect,  but there are things he has never done before then suddenly just starts doing them, like this week he came home and was stamping his feet when he was asking for something, he also started banging his head on the wall - he only did this once because I think he realised it hurts. I don't think it makes me a bad mummy to say I had absolutely no sympathy for him at all!

I really do think the Threes are far more traumatic than the twos not only do they still know the "No" word but they also know how to get around things, so they think they have the upper hand, or Adam certainly does anyway, I am glad these age phases don't last, hopefully he will grow out of this phase quickly but getting the discipline right for a child that seems to think he rules the roost at the moment is more difficult than you think!

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  1. oh dear sounds tough. I would like to say it gets better but this phase will come around again when he's 12 or 13. Yes most of them responses are what my teenage son says to me now. Its so annoying and with little J becoming a fully fledged toddler I definitely have my hands full. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens


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