Tuesday 29 August 2017

A Twin Pregnancy Story

On the 17th August 2017 I had not been feeling that well, the usual signs over emotional, sickness sore boobs, I took a pregnancy test and although I had my suspicions much to my surprise the test was very much positive some people just bring a stick of rock back from there holidays but I had to go one better and bring another baby on the way. My first thoughts were how would I cope with another baby? What was Ian going to say? although we had talked about having a child between us it had happened far sooner than I had anticipated (it definitely was not planned), I wasn't sure how he would react but when I told him he was happy, a bit scared understandably because life wasn't perfect or how he would like it to be, but he was looking forward to having a new little bundle and so was I.

A Twin Pregnancy Story

The first three months were a killer not because I felt particularly poorly although I was sick, sicker than I had ever been with the boys but because I was emotional not just a little bit I was a complete wreck if a doctor had got inside my head those three months i'm sure I would have been locked up as my thoughts and feelings were all over the place I also looked like I was about five months pregnant.

Unsurprisingly when I went for the scan I was already emotional before I got there as soon as the sonographer put the the probe on my stomach there they were two little sacs the sonographer asked if I wanted the good news or the good news I actually said oh my god .... she said its twins and I burst into tears, I don't know if they were happy tears or sad tears I just thought how am I actually going to cope Jack wasn't two then Adam was only five and Liam although nearly 7 with his Autism how would he cope?  Not only that where would I put them all I live in a two bedroom house it was only just big enough for myself and the boys putting all those thoughts aside and taking a step back I was carrying twins and it was a blessing, Ian was really happy and scared to death but he reassured me we would get through it together.

A Twin Pregnancy Story

The babies were diachorionic diamniotic basically non - identical they both had there own sacs and own placentas even though they had separate sacs and placentas there is still a 30% chance that they could be identical its to do with the egg splitting really early after conception I am going to talk about types of twins in another post.

I could feel the babies moving from about 15 weeks I was so excited, yet scared at the same time I kept thinking something was going to go wrong, then at 17 weeks I started having contractions the hospital didn't want to know because I was so early on they told me to take paracetamol, I cradled myself and rested hoping and praying that the pain would go away and after two days the pain subsided.

A Twin Pregnancy Story

The day after that I had paid for a private gender scan, I went and found out I was having twin girls, I cried again, but this time with happiness, I didn't quite believe it was going to be two girls, I asked about the gender with every consecutive scan after this just to be sure they were both definitely girls.

Two babies and both of them being girls I couldn't believe how lucky we were, I had a scan every four weeks which is what the recommended guidelines say you should have for non-identical twins to make sure the babies are growing properly and developing in the right way which they were the pregnancy was practically plain sailing and from around 24 weeks I felt great It was out of all my my pregnancies the easiest one. I think I was bigger bump wise with Jack than I was with the girls I even managed to work until 35 weeks pregnant I was scheduled for a c-section at 37 weeks plus 2 you can read my birth story in the following post but for  now I will leave you with my bump pictures they are really personal and I haven't shared them before but this is what my pregnancy looked like!!

A Twin Pregnancy Story

I hoped you enjoyed reading this tomorrow I'm going to tell you about my birth story Id love to hear your thoughts 


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