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Toddlers and Tantrums - Terrible Twos

Toddlers and Tantrums - Terrible Twos

You Know when I spoke about Adam and his terrible twos  and Toddler Tantrums a few years ago now, I never thought I would have a child that was worse than him, Well I say worse but Jack is clever and a big boy, so big his feet are a size 11 already and he hasn't even started school yet he is extremely tall for his age, so the health visitor tells me and heavy too, but he isn't inactive he is a very active little boy he loves the outdoors, loves to be kicking a football he really is what people would define as a typical boy.

Because he is so tall and so big, i'm only 5ft2, I really struggle to pick him up, or if hes sitting on the floor it takes me all my time and strength to get him up, hes still a baby really and of course he still asks and wants like every child of his age to be picked up and cuddled from time to time.

His temper is beyond me, he can sulk for what feels like forever and pushchairs, well we bought him a brand new mamas and papas strollers, so when there is two of us one can push the twins and one can push Jack, however Jack is so big he can stand up on the floor when he puts his feet down off the foot rest so if you let go of the pushchair for a moment he is physically walking with the pushchair strapped to his back, he is honestly like the incredible hulk.

Toddlers and Tantrums - Terrible Twos

Jack also no knows boundaries with his brothers, he is forever snatching and taking things off them winding them up calling them babies, you see for a two year old he talks extremely well I know most mums probably say that about there children but he is my best talker out of the boys and so damn clever it gets me in trouble because bribery he does not forget ...., I of course only resort to this in extreme cases all of the time. Sometimes with the five children it is the only way I would ever get out of the door in the mornings.

Toddlers and Tantrums - Terrible Twos

Jack thinks he is two going on five it is a battle of the wills between myself and him and between him and Adam you see because Liam has Autism he has never tried to boss any of them around, its like Adam is the oldest child, however Jack is doing his best to try and steel Adams title from him and sometimes he does succeed poor Adam does not stand a chance when Jack physically picks him up off the floor and throws him or pins him down he is so much heavier than him.

He has a habit at the moment of laying on the floor and saying he cant get up or pretending he is stuck on something and cant get out also if you mention any sort of creature animal, insect or other he don't like it!

We recently tried potty training because he is so big we are getting to the point where nappies are getting too small and there are not any bigger sizes that fit, he was good when he first started but then the novelty started to wear off and we were having accident after accident and he was only going to the toilet because you pass the kitchen on the way thinking he needed to eat something every time he went which of course I was never going to let him do that, which in turn would turn into a full blown tantrum and me dragging him by his feet back into the living room, because I could not pick him up.  

Jack thinks he is so independent, I honestly hate the year of a two year old it is definitely a battle everyday, A battle of wills and lets face it parent vs toddler who can out smart who, I like to think I always win but this is probably not always the case as i think with any child of any age you have to pick your battles some are just not worth getting worked up about ...... My advice for any mum with a two year old is to take a deep breath remember the phases don't last forever even though it seems like it sometimes, Children grow up quickly but if you are still struggling here are my Top Tips.

  1. Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, a lot of tantrums is for attention and because your child cant get what they want try where possible and if its safe to ignore them eventually they will realise they wont get what they want with there behavior 
  2. Give them space if they want to sulk in the corner at the bottom of the garden let them sometimes like anyone they need to think and time to reflect.
  3. Give them a hug sometimes a bit of hugging time is enough to distract them from the situation although I know we don't want to promote bad behavior but they need to let go of there emotions.
  4. Distract them this is my favorite tip always have something in the bag a toy some food a drink anything that makes them forget about what they wanted, lets face it kids can turn on and off emotions like a tap.
  5. Speak calmly shouting can often lead to a battle of the wills and your child will probably dig there heels in even more and scream more this way you may even be able to reason with them!
What are you tips for toddlers? Do you manage to stay calm? leave me a comment below I look forward to reading them? 



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