Saturday 4 November 2017

Ten tips for Getting Out and About with a Toddler and Twins

Becoming a parent of Twins is really exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time. Thoughts of everything times two going through your mind is an awful lot to think about, but what if you have a toddler as well? It's going to be difficult getting out and about right? Well here are 10 Tips for getting out and about with a toddler and twins to make life just that little bit easier.

a double pushchair with a buggy board attached to the back of it to help mums get around on foot

1) Think about the size of the seats on the pushchair - When shopping for a pushchair its easy just think about the twins being pushed in it, remember your toddler will probably still want to be pushed in it, take into consideration the pushchair size some of the double pushchairs that are around are beautiful but the seats are quite small - for me Jack was a big boy so a lot of them didn't make the grade as he wouldn't have fit in them.

2) Consider the weight of the pushchair - You are going to be carting about, three children under three, I know pushchairs have wheels but some of them are awful to push when they have a lot of weight in them and it becomes a nightmare. Unless you are muscle woman get something lightweight!

3) Buy a double baby carrier -Twins are generally renowned for being small when they are born, my twins when they were born, were around average size I have never had a baby carrier before let alone a double one but this was amazing I didn't carry mine in the double carrier until they were six weeks old because of my C - Section but it was easier to get out and about, the toddler went in the pushchair the twins in the carrier, note that you can only probably so this until about five months then it becomes too heavy. You can view the twin Weego baby carrier I used here 

weego baby carrier front facing double baby carrier available for babies from birth to around five months

4) Get a single baby carrier - I invested in an Ergo 360 single baby carrier and its the most comfortable thing I have ever bought. It is easy to put one of the twins and your toddler in the pushchair and then carry the other twin. My tip is not to let the toddler get out of the pushchair while you're carrying one of the twins it is an absolute a nightmare to get them back in while you have a baby carrier strapped to yourself.

5) Join a baby sling library - Yes these actually exist! ask your health visitor about them or look you can look up your local sling library group online. They're amazing places where you can hire a sling or baby carrier, the sling experts will also show you how to baby wear and help you find the best one suited for you.

6) Put them in the same carrycot - Now if they are really small and you have a baby carry cot big enough to do this in the early days you could do this as it's easy to push all three children, however, I wouldn't recommend this especially if you have a long way to go because of the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

7) One on the front one on the back - Again if you like babywearing and carrying the twins you could try the Twingo, this is a double baby carrier where you carry one of the twins on the front of you and the other one on the back, it is easy again to carry both twins and put the toddler in the pushchair. Note the Twingo carrier is aimed at slightly older babies 4 months+ with a good head hold.

a baby twin baby carrier for one child on the front one on the back suitable for babies four months plus with a good head hold

8) Invest in a second pushchair - Make use of helping hands if someone offers to come out with you or you are going out with your partner one of you can push the double pushchair and one can push the single pushchair.

9) Buy a buggy board - If your toddler is sensible (not many are) you could just try standing them on a buggy board and again it means pushing all three at the same time this has worked better for me recently but my two-year-old is heading towards three so he is that little bit older now so he will stay standing still on it.

10) Get a buggy board with a seat - There are quite a few buggy boards around now that have a seat attached to them meaning that your child can sit down so at least your toddler won't get tired - the downsides as with any board is it's really difficult to get up and down kerbs if there is drop down try to plan where you cross the road to make things easier.

If you have any other suggestions for getting out and about with twins and a toddler I would love to hear from you leave me your suggestions in the comments below. 

my name is Helen


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