Wednesday 18 October 2017

Sudocrem - A Letter to you

Dear Sudocrem,

So far you have been in my life for fifteen or more years. We were first introduced when I started working as a healthcare assistant in your dull grey pot a brilliance of brightness once opened with your thick white ways you could always soothe a bottom, a sore, most things were no match for you.

Then I discovered that not only were you used to soothe the most intimate places you could be used as a sunburn healer an acne healer an anecdote for eczema. In my days before children, before sharing a bed with someone, I would coat myself in a thick layer of you and wake up with a softer face one that was ready to face the world.

Sudocrem care and protect nappy rash prevention cream

Since we first met oh how you have evolved, you were the first thing I knew I could rely on when my son was born nearly eight years ago, then came Sudocrem Care and protect in its smaller more modern looking tube - not as thick and bright as my old faithful but amazing to say the least you were there tucked away in every hospital bag I packed ready for their imminent births you were there first to protect with your hypoallergenic triple care ointment with just newborns in mind and then it was back to the old faithful to soothe their skin if they had been in the sun a little too long, you were there when they were teething and there skin was red and angry, you were there for my youngest son when his eczema flared up, you have been with us through many ups and downs in my life and parenting journey. I knew I could always rely on you and you could rely on me to recommend you to friends and family in there hours of need. It has been a long and emotional journey that still isn't over yet the twins are babies and the boys still need you, in fact, we all still need you for many years to come with your healing powers.

We have many more memories to make in our lives as a family and you are certainly an important part of our family, you are invaluable so we want to thank you Sudocrem for always being there for working your magic and making life just that little bit easier.

Sudocrem care and protect - helps to care for your babies delicate skin protecting it against the causes of nappy rash it's gentle and light so it simply glides onto newborn babies skin and can be used as part of your everyday routine at nappy change time.

You can read more about Sudocrem on my review over here its priced at around £4.00 a tube and is available to buy from all good supermarkets and chemists.

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  1. We have used this on the babies but I never have. You have opened up a whole new world!! Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

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